Natural-Looking Nude Make-up of Actresses

[By Jeong Yujin] In this period when people prefer mellow shading and smoky make-ups, actresses distinguish themselves by natural ways to powder their faces.

Song Ji Hyo, well-known as a heroin of SBS TV program ‘Running Man,’ Park Bo Young, named as everyone’s sweetheart, and Jun Ji Hyun, a representative movie-star of Korea fascinate people by their nude make-up. Despite the natural look, they never look country-like or uninspiring.

Moist skin tone and tidy-lookingclean lips are the key points. As usual make-ups have are low covering, capability so that women might look dirty if they have crisp skin and dead skin cells on their lips.

If you just have been jealous of their no-make-up look, read this article. Here are tips to make you look much more beautiful.

Smooth, Transparent Expression of Skin without Blemish

Simple but Deep Expression of Eyes

When you try to have the a nude make-up done on eyes, the main point is to make your eyes look clear with minimum hues.

To prevent spreading, eye-primers are recommended. Then, you might put on a base with delicate feeling and have some gradation using brown or pink type shadows, to create simple but profound eyes.

Eye-liners are used just for filling, not for tails, to highlight clearness. Next, tear-liners in pink and white would evoke a more innocent feeling on your face. Here, you should not forget to apply mascara to make your eyes sharper.

Moist, Charming Lip Care & Make-up

Differing from the shading and smoky make-ups with points on eyes, the nude look does not make great use of colors so you could possibly look dull. To overcome this drawback, decorating lips is a good solution.

The essential of the lip make-up is smooth lips without blemish. Especially for the winter, dry air increases dead skin cells so special care should be taken. People should frequently use lip-balms to keep moisture on their lips. As well, covering lips with honey before going to bed is another good way to supplement moist.

Expression of lips should have noticeable color but not be too excessive. Natural choral or light pink lip-sticks with a same colored lip-gloss help to complete moisturized, innocent looking make-ups.

▶Useful Items for the Nude Make-up

1. Hera Cell Essence Mist
As light as fog, this mist allows skin to feel moisturized all day long thanks to its minuscule particles.
2. Tonymoly BCDation All Master, Editor’s Pick
Revise dark, uneven skin tones and tones up texture. At the same time, form supplementary membrane to allow users to express elastic and pretty skin.
3. Christian Dior Addict Maximizer Gloss
Contains active collagen components to make lips look rich and to recharge volume.
4. Tonymoly Kiss Lover Lipmaster, Editor’s Pick
Lip-stick, gloss and tint functions are combined to form this product. Vivid color enables high sustaining strength and moist expression.(Photo by: Tonymory, Hera, Christian Dior, bntnews DB)


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