‘Party Makeup’ To Hog The Limelight At Yearend Parties

[by Jung Yu Jin] The upcoming end of the year overflows with many different parties such as Christmas or yearend parties.

An important tip in a party is to make a good use of lighting. Glossy skin, bling-bling eye makeup, and strong nail colors are the items to make you stand out more. Especially, you can catch everyone’s attention if you have an excellent use of black and gold, the standard of party makeup.

We have prepared some tips for those concerned with makeup after being invited to parties. Let’s learn how to be the goddess of yearend parties with showy, fancy makeup.

▶ Adding Volume To The Face with Appropriate Facial Contour

Finish your skin care with base products and tidy up the pores and uneven parts of your skin with a primer for long-lasting makeup. Then thinly spread glitter-mixed foundation or CC cream by patting your face with a sponge not only to cover blemishes but also to add contour on the plain face.

Brighten your face with a gold highlighter from both sides of your cheekbones to the front areas to create a gently shining and luster skin. Since you need to stand out in a dark place, pick a color that fits your skin instead of a fair tone and use a highlighter and bronzer for a well-defined face.  

In particular, you can give an effect of having a sharper nose if you apply a bronzer along the sidelines to the tip of your nose from where your eyebrows start. Likewise, shade both sides of your chin using the bronzer to make your face look smaller and apply a blusher that has the similar color as your lipstick for a makeup finish that emphasizes the facial volume.

▶ Make Alluring Eyes Using Gold Shadow

Gold is a color that represents luxury. Anyone can become dazzling and glamorous if your eyes twinkle as if they have gold powder laid on under flashy lighting. It is a matter of time to become the main character of the party.

To shine brightly under flashy lights, the texture of eye shadow is more important than its color. Apply an eye primer and base product on the entire eyelids and spread a product with metallic texture such as glitter shadow, glitter powder, or pigment on them. After, give a point to the eye corners with colors that have heavier formation. The bigger and thicker the particles of glitter are, the more your eyes stick out.

Give emphasis to your eyes with a black eyeliner and mascara and fill your lower eye lines with brown eyeliner. If you draw from the lower front eye corners with a white or pink tear-liner, you can also complete a mystical makeup.

▶ Details Complete Makeup! Lips & Nails

Since it is a makeup that gives a point to the eyes, you better not have a strong lip color. First tone down your lips with a concealer and fix your lip line. Then apply a nude tone, light pink or not too heavy red lipstick. Color formation is important for red lip, so it is good to pat it on your lips. You can have moist and attractive lips by putting on a lip gloss of the same color range.

No matter how expensive a product is, it cannot prove its real merits on lips with dead skin cells, like facial skin. You should not forget to remove the dead skin on your lips before coloring them.

Nail colors, women’s items for refreshment, cannot also be missed out in parties. If you want to highlight your sexy charm put black or red on your nails to match with your gold eye makeup.

▶ Makeup Products Recommended To The Queen Bee Of A Party

1. ‘Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream’ Editor’s Pick
A BB cream that has excellent coverage and durability without darkening. Perfect for glossy look.

2. ‘Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-wear Cream Shadow’
An innovative formula that has outstanding durability. Seems to have sparkles of diamond powder sprinkled on its delicate color.

3. ‘Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lip Click’ Editor’s Pick
A lipstick that strongly adheres to lips with its matte texture when drying and gives a watery finish after applied. It has a distinct and vivid color as well as hydrating function for inside the lips.

4. ‘Chanel Le Vernis’
A product with a loud color and outstanding luster. Popular with its nail care function for weak fingernails. Its unique formula maintains Le Vernis on nails for a long time and dries quickly.
(photo by: Tony Moly, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2014-11-28 10:26:22 / Update: 2014-11-28 11:31:49

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