Lee Jaehoon and Yoo Seungho, Two Stars Whose Public Image Is on the Rise Since Starting Military Service

[By Shin Hyunjung] Military service has always been something that male celebrities hope to avoid. They worry that the public will forget them during the two gap years and that they will lose their grounds. This worry is understandable as one famous celebrity once said, ‘attention to celebrities are equivalent to salaries for workers.’

But if something is unavoidable, you should choose to change your attitude. Some people back off when faced with an obstacle but some change it into an opportunity. Lee Jaehoon and Yoo Seungho are the ones who have turned their military service into a significant opportunity for their acting careers

▶ Lee Jaehoon, The One Who Raced Forward in Order to Shorten the Gap

Lee Jaehoon has everything in him; an innocent boy, a teenager full of drams, or a tough guy with the scent of a man.

He first became noticed as an actor in his early movies ‘Just Friends’ and ‘Bleak Night’ and further gained the public’s attention with ‘Frontline.’ Then came his lifetime opportunity. Through ‘Architecture 101,’ he became a national star by eliciting dear memories about a first love that everyone cherishes.

But his ‘royal road to a successful career’ was interrupted when he was called to enlist. However, he raced forward instead of avoiding it. He filmed the movies “Ghost Sweepers,’ ‘Paparoti,’ and ‘An Ethics Lesson’ one after another right before going away and thus was able to stay with the public through his movies even after being enlisted. The reason that the pubic felt his absence was short was because he raced through and really gave his all for one to two years before he started his military service. Lee Jaehoon was not forgotten.

And he came back triumphantly. There were articles saying that many filmmakers sought after him even a few months before he was discharged. The main role in ‘Martial Arts,’ in which 20 billion won was invested in production, and ‘Detective Hong Gil-dong’ by Cho Sunghee were also offered to him.  

As an actor with no limits, Lee Jaehoon chose to star in a historical drama right after he came back. He is portraying a historical figure in his own unique way based on facts as well as imagination

▶ Yoo Seungho, a Young Boy Turned into a Man

While Lee Jaehoon made his career gap from the military service unnoticeable and continued to live in the public’s mind, there is someone who turned that period into an opportunity for growth and transformation. Yoo Seungho has turned into a real man through his military experience and the title ‘child actor’ no longer seems appropriate.

The image of young Yoo Seungho with shiny eyes and a cloth around his face from “The Way Home,’ a movie from 12 years ago, has been imprinted in our mind ever since. After ‘The Way Home’, he portrayed the younger selves of main adult characters in TV dramas like ‘Immortal Lee Soon-shin,’ ‘Sad Love Song,’ ‘The King and me,’ and “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi.’ From this point, Yoo Seungho showed the potential to grow as a top actor.

He successfully went through a transition period starring in numerous works and finally showed that he has become an adult actor through the drama ‘I Miss You.’ But Yoo Seungho was not satisfied. He chose to begin his military service without any fuss and promised the public that he will return as a more mature man.

As news got out that he will be discharged on the 4th of December from the Igija unit in Hwacheon, Gangwondo, many people in the film/TV industry are fiercely competing to cast him. It is a ‘Catch Yoo Seungho Plan’ from every angle.

Although his future endeavors are not yet known, it looks certain that he is ready to win woman’s heart with his new manly self. The public is more and more expectant of him as his discharge date approaches.

▶ Skin Grooming Products that Have Protected Their Skin Throughout the Military Service

Not only their endeavors after their military service but also their unchanged appearances are drawing people’s attention. What is their secret grooming product that might be helpful to other men who are waiting to get discharged soon as well?

01 Beiersdorf’s ‘Nivea Sun Lotion’
This product with SPF 50+ and PA+++ effectively blocks UV A and UV B. It is suitable for daily use as well as for long outdoor activity. It also contains aloe vera, which calms skin exposed to sunlight during the summer as well as during winter.

02 Claire’s ‘Cloud 9’
Even if sunscreen is thoroughly applied, it is not easy to restore sunburned skin. In order to keep flawless skin during military service, freckle and blemish care in addition to sun care is needed. Claire’s Cloud 9 has completed four types of clinical tests and has proved to be effective for reducing melanin pigment, relieving redness, and brightening skin for 12 hours. If men use Cloud 9, which reduces melanin and thus skin blemishes, along with sunscreen, they will be able to get clear skin as well.

03 Dr.Jart+’s ‘Dermaclear Micro Water’
For military men, putting on camo cream is the No.1 experience that they want to avoid. Especially, for those with sensitive skin, it is a main reason for skin trouble. Therefore, cleansing becomes more than important. Dr.Jart+’s ‘Dermaclear Micro Water helps with thorough cleansing through its fine particles that are smaller than distilled water and even removes makeup residues from camo creams. (Photo by: Clair’s, Nivea, Dr.Jart+, ‘Architecture 101’, SBS’s ‘Secret Door,’ MBC’s ‘I Miss you,’ and bnt news DB)

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