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[bnt pictorial] Jung Il Woo's Beautiful Trip To Bali

[by Nawael Khelil / Photos by Choi Seung Gwan] Earth possesses little pieces of heaven. More than only possessing them, Earth flaunts and boasts these gorgeous small yet endless territories in everybody’s eyes. On half of the planet’s bucket-list can be found Bali, an island of Indonesia known for its beauty – the kind that lets you speechless – and amazing people.

Summer embraces this island every single day of the year and it wasn’t a surprise for our team to find a radiant sun up in the sky the last days of October. Bntnews teamed up up with actor Jung Il Woo for a pictorial in Bali. The handsome actor merged with the natural beauty and exotic urbanism that surrounded him, flaunting the charms of what could be considered as an ideal of masculinity – perfect mix between manliness and purity –.

For our first concept, the actor played a typical-not-so-typical city guy: waking up by the sunlight, chilling in a giant round bathtub and driving a red classic car with leather seats around the town. The simple life. You can think of this pictorial as an invitation into his life for one day.

Topless on his bed, Jung flaunts a perfect skin that would make any woman of this planet jealous. Later he dresses up to enter his hotel room’s illuminated bathroom. While light reflects on white china, he casually lies in the tub before getting ready… for a small concert. In his luxurious room, the actor takes a guitar and starts playing his favorite song.

Time has come for him to take his car out. In an all black outfit, he jumps on the convertible and drives in style. What we can notice is that, even behind the wheel of such an impressive car, Jung Il Woo stays humble. He knows how to express authenticity – because he is authentic – and never goes too far.

Known not only for his roles in ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ and ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’ but also for his fashion sense, Jung enjoyed playing with fabrics for this pictorial. Wearing leather and fur, or a padding jacket, on such a hot day was probably a first for him, but he managed to overcome the heat thanks to his professionalism.

At a restaurant, he experiences Bali’s traditional service and food while impersonating a romantic date. Luxurious watch around the wrist, he plays a rich heir who lives life to its fullest in the most beautiful places of the world. And because his figure screams ‘healthy’, he later changes his smart outfit for sportwear to exercise a bit around a gorgeous pool surrounded by pillars.

Last but not least, Jung Il Woo leaves for a fashion adventure with only Burberry on his back. He meets mineral nature and endless views for the perfect getaway. In a flower printed shirt or a hand-painted leather coat, he still exudes his unique friendly aura.

As Bali is the place of all self-reflections and meditations, the Korean star was also able to feel this restful atmosphere for a few days. Without stress, he was able to bring it all for our pictorial, resulting in gorgeous pictures that will probably go down in the annals of our fashion series’ history.  (photos by bntnews DB)

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Jung Il Woo - Pictorial

Write: 2014-12-01 19:29:05 / Update: 2014-12-02 00:00:00

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