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[bnt interview] Jung Il Woo “I pull all-nighters for fans. Is that abnormal? ①

[by Star Media team, translated by Sora Ghim] In the movie ‘Papillon,’ the protagonist jumps off the cliffs into the sea in order to regain his freedom. Jung Il Woo stands by the cliffs, getting sprayed by the refreshing seawater. This beautiful setting is in the Indonesia paradise, Bali. The waves continually crash into the high walls of the cliff, trying to win but to no avail. Under the scorching sun, Jung Il Woo breathes heavily and sweats, taking a moment to catch his breath as he looks out over the scenery.

Jung Il Woo is excited and busy at the thought of meeting his fans on November 22. Currently shooting cupid’s arrows at fans in China and Southeast Asia, Jung Il Woo is starting his fan meeting in Seoul before heading off to meet his overseas fans. He credits his fans to the reason he is where he is today and is having fun staying up all night to prepare events for his fans.

As an actor, standing on stage and having a light conversation with fans might be a little unfamiliar to him. Fan meetings allow him to host events for his fans as well as create good memories. Since his debut, the number of fan meetings he has held has been low so preparing events is a rare case for him too. This summer, he personally hand dripped coffee for his fans as well as sing a song with his gentle voice.

With his own ideas and plans, Jung Il Woo held a successful fan meeting. It was a perfect day for the ‘protagonist’ Jung Il Woo and his ‘opposing lead’ the fans.

He goes persistently toward something he sets his mind on, never stopping even in front of an obstacle. Whether it is a fan meeting or a work, we suggested a light and fun personality test to start out the refreshing conversation.

★ From Jung Il Woo’s private place to a personally written interview!

▷ You are currently raising a dog, right? Is there another animal you want to raise together?
▶ My hands are already filled with just my ‘Ahwoo.’ (laughs) ‘Ahwoo’ is my little brother gifted from my fans. I need to concentrate only on ‘Ahwoo.’

▷ While we’re on the topic of pets, let’s do an animal test. If there is an animal you wish to raise as a pet? (Choices: Tiger, Monkey, Horse, Elephant)
▶ Tiger! I want to raise a tiger. (laughs)

▷ This was actually a test to see your ideal type. You must prefer charismatic career women.
▶ I think it’s hard to have a perfect decision. A charismatic and career-driven woman is nice too but first I would like the person to be compatible with me and have a lot of understanding. Someone who can understand my occupation well. I would like someone who is professional in her own work and is a sensible person.

▷ Among your interests you chose cars and watches. The typical male interests.
▶ My wannabe car is a Ferrari 599. Also, I have a lot of interest in fashion so I like watches and shoes. I personally collect them too. My car and watches are my number one treasure. (laughs)

▷ You seem to have an interest in perfumes as well.
▶ When I am traveling, my must-have item is perfume. Before I used to only use one fragrance but now I like changing colognes depending on the season. That’s why when I go abroad, I like looking for new and unique scents.

★ Jung Il Woo’s fashion secret

▷ Do you know that ‘Jung Il Woo Airport Fashion’ is always a hot issue? I think your fashion sense is innate.
▶ I’ve always been interested in fashion since I was young. I tend to wear clothes in my own style so I’m thankful that people are always interested. And give many compliments. I look at a lot of fashion magazines and watch fashion programs to follow the trend.

After this shoot, I bought about 10 magazines to read on the plane ride home. Of course I went right through them on the plane. I look at magazines in order to follow the trend but I think my style is already set. Since I know what I like, I wear things regardless of the trend. (laughs)

▷ What kind of style do you like? Did your stylist help you today?
▶ Honestly, today I didn’t know we were doing a sketch shoot and came too comfortably. I really just wore my clothes and came here. If I knew we were filming today I would have gotten help from my coordinator. (laughs) I like black clothing. A long time ago, I used to wear only black during winter. I wore it too much that I got sick of it so I don’t really wear it that much anymore. (The last Jung Il Woo airport fashion that became an issue was an all-black fashion?) Ah~ I like black. (laughs)

★ Blooming 28, Flowery youth Jung Il Woo

▷ A few days ago, the College Scholastic Ability Test ended. Are there any high school friends you still keep in contact with?
▶ I still keep in contact with my middle school friends. I’ve spent more than half my life with them that I don’t even remember how we got close. I meet up with them two to three times a week so I can’t even say I keep in contact or not.

▷ What do you do when you see your friends?
▶ We usually meet at my house or go to a café or go out to eat. We also go to the movies and exhibitions. I also play soccer with my middle school friends. I can’t during filming because I can’t get injured but when I’m taking a break, I meet up with my friends and we’ll go play soccer. Some people did recognize me but I don’t really care about it so I met up frequently.

▷ Tell us a few of the memories you made with your friends.
▶ First off, just a few days ago I went to an exhibit at the Hangaram Museum. People who are receiving attention domestically and abroad were holding an exhibition so I went. I went and I also bought some paintings. I have that kind of hobby. A hobby of collecting charming things like plates and paintings. (laughs)

A few years ago I went on a trip to Thailand with one of my middle school friends. It was a personal trip without my manager. I uploaded a picture of the hotel swimming pool on my Twitter and somehow my fans found out and came to the hotel. The day I left Bangkok, about 1000 fans gathered at the airport. ’49 Days’ must have been popular. (laughs) At that time, my friend acted the part of my manager. After that he said I looked like a celebrity. (laughs)

★ Actor Jung Il Woo’s Basement

▷ If there is something special about actor Jung Il Woo?
▶ I think that loving myself first is what can make me special as an actor. I have to love myself in order to have confidence. Now that I think about it, my fans who always love me! (laughs) My fans are the reason why I am able to continue as an actor.

▷ You can say you have grown along with your fans who have been with you since debut.
▶ That’s right. I think that we worked hard in our respective genres. As we age together, I found out the various occupations my fans have. It’s a shame there aren’t more direct exchanges but I am happy that we are all working hard in our own jobs. I am proud when my fans find their own work and can relate to and enjoy my acting.

▷ What is one thing that would make Jung Il Woo controlling?
▶ Something that makes me controlling? Well, my fans and myself, but my family.

"Success comes from within, not from without." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Among the rough waves that crash the entertainment industry, actor Jung Il Woo has a clear outlook on his life as he simply sets foot down the path. His unchanging friends, his devoted fans, and his supporting family are the driving force behind him. He has the strong mindset of keeping a smile on his face even through hard times. They are the reasons behind his strength and warm heart inside of that tough façade. (photo by bntnews DB, Jung Il Woo’s Instagram, Jungilwoo.com)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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