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[bnt interview] Jung Il Woo’s Next Work, ‘Noonas Over Flowers?’ ②

[by Star Media Team, translated by Sora Ghim] ‘Eat, Pray, Love.’ The beautiful blue ocean of Bali reminds of Julia Robert’s romantic smile. The grains of sand hugs the toes as they wiggle around, dragging the feet deeper into the ground. You stop for a moment to look at the bright waves as they crash onto the shore.

Under the hot sun, the burnt bodies of surfers are seen as they flash white smiles and refreshing laughs. Watching them, Jung Il Woo’s body started to itch. After an unexpected situation in China and having to spend tiring days there, coming to an island with the warm sun and cold waves, this was a haven for him. Especially because Jung Il Woo is the type to enjoy leisure sports and loves trying new things.

Jung Il Woo declares he’s going to ‘return to Bali to surf all day.’ When mentioned that the goods have to arrive from Hawaii first, he said, “I will go to Hawaii to enjoy sports,’ giving an invigorating laugh. A man who passionately runs toward something he loves. He is someone who makes the atmosphere around him energetic and amiable.

His drama ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’ wrapped up its last episode with the number one viewer percentage in its time slot. As the leading man of the drama, Jung Il Woo endlessly worked hard, finally taking a breath to reenergize.

With the resolute decision, “Since choosing the path of an actor, let’s not live a regretful life, he takes another look at his work. Like the quote from George Orwell, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past,” Jung Il Woo coolly overlooks his past and concentrates on preparing for the future. He got less sleep during those four busy months and the exhausted Jung Il Woo grabs a hold of himself as he draws out the future.

As the weather gets closer and 2014 comes to an end. The arrival of the New Year comes to mind. We look back on the year and anticipate what is to come as smiles creep onto our faces unknowingly. With that exact feeling, we close Jung Il Woo’s 4-month diary and look at his new story.

★ The Night Watchman’s Jung Il Woo, Putting down the brush

▷ ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal’ ended in October. What did you do during the past two months?
▶ I went to Bali for a pictorial shoot and also did interviews. I was pretty busy. Right now I’ve spend time mostly preparing for the most important schedule, the Asia tour.

▷ You probably didn’t even have time to get shut eye during the four months of preparing for ‘The Night Watchman’s Journal,’ did you rest well?
▶ Honestly, I wasn’t able to fully rest even after the completion of the drama. I’m sustaining right now by eating foods good for the body. I eat gongjidan and ginseng consistently and also vitamins. I’m not the type to usually eat health foods but since I’ve been busy lately, I’ve been eating it. I’m holding up mentally.

▷ The results of your hard work are very good. The drama ended successfully. How do you feel now that it’s ended?
▶ I’m proud that it ended first among its time slot. I concentrated on filming without thinking of the end so it still hasn’t hit me even though it’s done. After wrapping up a drama I usually feel relieved but this time, the feeling of emptiness is greater.

★ As I take a deep breath, I look at the road I’ve come on

▷ It seems like you are more attached to this work than others. To the point you even participated in the OST.
▶ The empty feeling comes from not being with the staff and co-stars who were always there. During 4 months, we were a bundle but now that it’s ended, it feels void. I heard that many women liked the OST. I think it was a song that touched the emotions of women well. Although I’m sad that the drama ended, I feel proud that I was able to show a serious acting until the end.

▷ If you had to choose a famous scene, which scene is most memorable for you?
▶ There is a scene where the grandma gets stabbed in front of Lee Rin’s eyes and he weeps. (The ‘2-stage cry’ scene?) It is a scene that many people complimented me on. The grandma saved me and died in my place, and I cried while looking at her face, it was a really sad scene. That scene remains in my head the most. If I had to choose another scene, it would be when Lee Ri was possessed and became another person. It was a new experience to play two characters in one.

▷ It seems you will start looking for your next project soon.
▶ I have thought about my next work and since my latest work was a period drama, I think I’ll end up doing a contemporary drama. I’ve always wanted to do a dark and heavy character. If a good work comes in, I’m going to take it up without hesitation.

★ Dreaming of a new challenge with seniors

▷ You rarely appear on variety shows. Is there a program you wish to appear on?
▶ The program I originally wanted to do was ‘Infinite Challenge.’ I was able to appear on the show’s Brazil World Cup special and it was really fun and a good memory. I really like soccer and so I really enjoyed going to the land of soccer and personally seeing world-wide players. After coming on ‘Infinite Challenge’ another show I want to try is the ‘-Over Flowers’ series.

▷ The ‘-Over Flowers’ series gave a lot is inspiration on traveling to viewers. What is the reason you want to appear on this show?
▶ The only time I get to see my seniors is during a drama or another project. There aren’t many times I get to meet them outside of the set. Like the ‘-Over Flowers’ series, I want to listen to their stories and learn a lot as we travel together. Also get life advice and acting advice. I think it will last a long time in my heart. While I’m going on the trip, I would like to go with my female seniors? (laughs)

★ “As I continue to march forward~” The future Jung Il Woo will meet

▷ Jung Il Woo’s future. As time passes, what kind of home do you want to live in?
▶ I want to live in a house I built. I would like a modern style with a tidy atmosphere and full-length windows to clearly see the outside. The city is too suffocating so I would like to build it around the Hannamdong area where I can see the Han River. (laughs) When I was little, there was a time I lived in a house my parent’s built. Of course now we rent out the place and live elsewhere, but I loved that house. There are a lot of happy memories. When I’m around my mid-thirties, I want to build my own house and live there.

▷ Instead of domestic, have you thought about abroad??
▶ I have thought about buying a house in Canada and living there. (laughs) (You were the ambassador for the Canada BC Tourism, right?) Yes. It’s quiet and nice, and the welfare is good too, and the leisure sports I love is good there too. (laughs) So I thought, ‘it would be nice to have a house in Canada.’ If someone says they’ll give me a present, I’m going to choose between a house, car, and villa. (laughs)

There is a saying that in order to live as a human, you need to have passion for something. Jung Il Woo is like that. In order to feel that he is living as an actor, he does challenge upon challenge and zealously lives to go towards his desired future. He feels alive whenever he goes into a new project, meets new coworkers, and studies new characters.

The chilly weather that wraps around the body and the wind that brushes past your back signifies the arrival of winter. Jung Il Woo suits the spring sun which encompasses the clouds. We anticipate the next story he will bring to his fans. (photo by bntnews DB, Jung Il Woo’s Instagram)

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