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[bnt pictorial] Choi Phillip - The Artistic Life

[by Nawael Khelil / Photos by Han Yong] Choi Phillip is currently charming the audience with his role in ‘Rosy Lovers’, for which he plays Go Jae Dong, part of the second generation of a chaebol (major family businesses that lead the country and of which children are said to be spoiled by their parents’ power).

With handsome features as his, and this sweet smile, girls are obviously falling. For BNT, Choi accepted to challenge his versatility in a pictorial that tells three stories.

The first concept was entitled ‘Special Christmas with him’ and to embody the perfect boyfriend, the actor put on a beige turtleneck knit and brown pants, expressing coziness and warmth. By the side of the Christmas tree, he reads a book, showing that he likes to known about the world and what it offers.

For our second concept, Choi wears a green knit with black pants and a long woolen coat for a dandy look. Leant against a wall or waiting for his meal to come out at a fancy restaurant, he exudes the same romantic and charismatic mood.

On our last cuts, he goes for a printed shirt stuck into his pants, grabs a bottle of wine and plays the bad guy. At the bar, he seems like he’s waiting for his prey, but we have no idea about the latter’s identity.

During the interview that we conducted, he said that he has a lot of similarities with Go Jae Dong, his character in ‘Rosy Lovers’. He was raised in a very burden-free family, always happy, eating good warm food. He says he’s a sort of mama’s boy. “My mom told me that she sometimes sees me in Go Jae Dong.”

About his collaboration with other actors, “I’ve been friend with Kim Min Seo for 9 years, we’re very comfortable.” We asked him to choose his ideal amongst the actresses he’s playing with in ‘Rosy Lovers’ and his choice went to Jang Mi Hee, without an hesitation.

“She commands admiration with her beauty. She exudes something very vulnerable. You understand what ‘nobility’ means every time you look at her. I asked her, one day, how she takes care of her skin and she told me that she puts two packs before sleeping. And she tries not to touch her face with her hands.”

He spent a lot of time with girls during his school days as he used to practice dance. From that, he received the ability to avoid any fantasy or expectations about the feminine genre. Even when he started acting, he tended to consider the actress that would play in front of him as a colleague, not as someone of the opposite sex. But age got the better of him and he started to think that this actress and that girl on set were pretty and interesting.

We asked about marriage: “Next year? In two years? I am not dating anyone at the moment and I’ve been single for about five years now. Even if I flirted with a few girls during that time. I never experienced this case when a friend introduces you someone and you two get along. Also, in general, I am the one who likes the woman one-sidedly. When I really like someone, I am the type of person who asks the girl out until she says yes.”

Since he was five, he dreamt of being a singer. So he used to practice Seo Taiji’s choreographies in places like parking lots or shopping mall’s plazas. That’s what led him to study dancing at Sunggyunkwan University. “I started to study dancing and my routine suddenly changed into a real slump and I met my first love there, at the right time, making me want to focus on dancing more.”

Chance came to him in 2005 and he started to act. This year, he’s celebrating his ninth anniversary as an actor. There was a lot of complications but he’s now filled with this earnestness about acting that brings him confidence about his future. “I am not impatient anymore, I am just grateful. I used to struggle in order to cease an opportunity but now, my heart is empty and my horizon widened as well.”

He says he wants to become the kind of actors who are capable to understand and translate the three dimensions of a character, like Hong Kong giant Stephen Chow. As for Korea, he’s waiting a role similar to Im Chang Jung’s in ‘Ji Woon Soo's Stroke of Luck’.

With 2015 approaching, we had to ask him about his plans: “In 2015, I would like to receive an award, for the best supporting role or anything. I was so weak when I was young, even the perfect attendance award never came to me (laughs). As I am getting older, I’d like to have something to celebrate.” (photos by bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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Choi Phillip - Pictorial

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