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[bnt pictorial] Han Hye Rin, An Immersion In Beauty

[by Nawael Khelil / Photos by Kim Tae Oh] A delicate beauty, a million dollar body, Han Hye Rin turns everything she touches into a rainbow of her own colors – if not gold.

She shot a pictorial with bnt for which she expressed her hybrid charms: she turned into a goddess of femininity in a lace bridal dress but also managed to embrace chic mannish influences in a denim jacket, posing in front one of the most famous paintings that History provided us.

Like a muse of Alfons Mucha, representative of the Arts Nouveaux, she shines through alluring charms and a mesmerizing beauty. Last but not least, she boasts a glamorous body in a lace dress that enhances her legendary ‘ant waist’ while honoring the goddess of flowers with an exquisite tiara and flower printed lace stilettos.

During the interview that we conducted, Han Hye Rin revealed that Dal Shabet’s Woo Hee and she are cousins. They grew up in Busan together and the whole family moved to Seoul, keeping the kid from loneliness. They often meet to have dinner, drink tea as they were able to preserve their close relationship.

She likes to sing and to listen to music, but she never wanted to become a singer, unlike Won Hee, and the as she grew up, her interest in acting never ceased growing along.

About her legendary ‘ant waist’ of 22 inches, she revealed that she actually doesn’t really take care of her body, “Don’t I look like someone who doesn’t really take care of themselves?” However, she sometimes goes for a walk or light jogging in a park. Also, she’s very picky when it comes to food and has a passion for Korean cuisine.

She expressed her passion for acting when she started to talk about movie ‘My Dictator’ as she was really immersed into its characters, to the point that she couldn’t know if she had fallen for them or if she felt very different.

“More than slumps, characters usually appeal to me more and I get so immersed it sometimes gets difficult. All actors would tell you, we can’t know how deep we fall for our characters.”

Since her debut, no one ever discussed her skills as an actress. However, she never stops being praised for them. A lot of people acknowledge how hard Han Hye Rin works for her performance and her passion is something that she takes and shows off all around. (photos by bntnews DB)

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Han Hye Rin - Pictorial

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