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[bnt pictorial] After School Ka Eun & E-Young, Two Little Birds Out Of The Nest

[by Nawael Khelil / Photos by Kim Tae Oh] After School’s newest members E-Young and Ka Eun flaunted unique and sensual charms in a pictorial with BNT.

Group After School works through an entrance and graduation system – members joins the group and then leaves it after a solid training for future activities – and the last freshmen, E-Young and Ka Eun, are bright and full of charms.

Pajama parties may not be a custom in South Korea, our two models were well aware of the atmosphere and ‘rules’ of what make a great one: cute pjs, accessories, comfy socks and pastel shades all around. They perfectly embraced that concept of girl friendship to its maximum level of ease and confidence.

The second concept was more about streetwear. Black, leather, cropped designs and – the ultimate fancy piece of the season – fur met for a contemporary take on sporty looks. That’s sexy, and they know it, flaunting their great bodies and dramatic hair like they don’t care.

To express their close relationship, E-Young and Ka Eun underwent a ‘twin’ concept, in burgundy feminine dresses that translated not only elegance but also dreamlike aesthetics. Embodying wax dolls, the two singers worked on a strong, impactful –slightly ethereal - atmosphere.

As for the last concept, in black and white, not only the ying and the yang but also the psychic relationship between men and women were expressed. Attraction and repulsion are two concepts that fashion never stops exploring and the girls’ vision on the subject is very unique.

Entering a grown-up group like After School must be difficult when you just debut as an artist. “It’s like adding a spoon to a table that was set by someone else. I worked very hard to fit”, said E-Young. And Ka Eun added, “When UEE came back, she helped us a lot so as we would enjoy it.” They went on, praising their big sisters, “Jung Ah has a wonderful voice, with a sad timber that everyone loves when they hear it. Nana may look cold, she really takes care of people and Lizzy is so adorable.”

Ka Eun and E-Young both debuted at a young age, and now, they must have a few regrets, “During training, I could work from 10am to 5am the next day, and I feel like I wish I could have enjoyed my youth a little more”, said the first. E-Young also, “regret that I had to spend Christmas and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) in the training room, and I’ve never been to a club.”

E-Young is really friend with Yura, from popular girl group Girls’ Day: “I am very glad to see that Yura goes well with Hong Jong Hyun in ‘We Got Married Season 4’. She sometimes gives me advices”, she said, while admitting that she would like to give ‘We Got Married’ a try.

Ka Eun and E-Young aspires to become the kind of singers who can share their deepest thoughts and emotions with their public, and all we can wish for these little sweeties is that, regardless of their date of entrance in After School, they become real influence for the group as great singers and entertainers. Until they graduate. (photos by bntnews DB)

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After School E-Young & Ka Eun - Pictorial

Write: 2015-01-12 10:52:35 / Update: 2015-01-12 00:00:00

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