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[bnt interview] Eddy Kim: A Musical Genius Who Wants To Show More

[by Sora Ghim] Romantic singer-songwriter Eddy Kim is back with his second mini album! Known for his hit songs ‘The Manual,’ ‘Push & Pull,’ and ‘Darling,’ Eddy Kim has made a name for himself as a romanticist. Capturing the hearts of women with his smooth vocals and sweet melodies, he is back with a new image.

Maintaining his original allure, he switches up his genre of songs from acoustic to more dynamic range. Bntnews held an exclusive interview with Eddy Kim to talk about his new album.

▶ It has been roughly 9 months since your last album, what have you been up to?
▷ After my debut, I was continually doing activities. Festivals, concerts, I released an OST in the middle and did a featuring for Verbal Jint. I also did radios and also prepared for this second album. Also, I promoted my single ‘Darling’ and this is my first album in 9 months.

▶ Tell us about your title song ‘My Love’
▷ The mood is very different from Eddy Kim’s style. It is very different from the original song. The chorus is new, it was rearranged completely. I wanted it to sound fuller so I rearranged it. This time, the voice was a bit toned down to match with the instruments. There a lot of instruments. You can think of it as being made with a full band.
The lyrics are definitely a serenade. If my previous song was about ‘some’ (the in-between relationship between friends and lover), this song expresses lovers that have been dating for a long time. It was originally written in English, but as I translated it into Korean, it took on a new concept. Translating it literately, the mood wasn’t there. The original lyrics were also a serenade but in a different genre. I focused on pronunciation as I changed it to Korean. ‘My Love’ was written while I was in college, around 2010. The emotion of the song is very different from when I first wrote them and now.

All the other songs have a new impression to them too. These songs are all the new 2015 Eddy Kim version.

▶ This album contains different genres than your previous albums.
▷ Before, all the songs were very calming and can be listened to at home alone. This time, I wanted the songs to be enjoyed with others. For example, at concerts, I want to give something more impactful, a strong impression.

Besides the songs I’ve promoted, no one knows them so it’s rather a shame. I wanted to make songs that I can show during performances. I want to show more.

▶ Do you have any plans for concerts or performances?
▷ Not yet.

▶ You don’t have any featuring’s in your songs. Was that on purpose?
▷ I didn’t feel the need for featuring’s because I was able to accomplish what I wanted without it. If I needed a featuring, I would have with one that is compatible with me, but I didn’t feel the need. From the start, I never even thought about featuring. The original songs don’t have a featuring, since they’re songs I created. The only different from the originals are the configuration of instruments but the mood is the same.

▶ I heard that you participated in producing the album. How was it working with everyone (Yoon Jong Shin, Jo Jung Chi, Jung Suk Won)?
▷ It’s very fun, doing it all together like this. We all discuss it and then modify it. I like working with other people because they catch things that I don’t.

▶ What is the recording process?
▷ I would sing the song by myself, then I record the piano, guitar, bass all separately. I direct how I want to show the song. The last album didn’t have many instruments so it wasn’t that busy, but this album had many, some [songs] have 5 to 6. (laughs)

▶ How did you choose the title track?
▷ Everyone in the company gives feedback. When choosing the title track, we show it to everybody and ask. There was a lot of discrepancies but out of them (‘My Love’) had the most. ‘Apologize’ and ‘Sing Sing Sing’ were also popular.

▶ Everyone must anticipate this album.
▷ Yes, I feel very pressured because of it.

▶ Tony Maserati did the mixing for this album. How did you end up working with him?
▷ The last mini album was about the guitar sound and vocal. Jack Johnson, a Hawaiian style musician, did the first album so it was mainly concentrated on the acoustic sound. When he did the engineering, the guitar sound was much enhanced. Since this album had many instruments, we had a lot of concerns. Tony came to Korea and did a session. My company (Mystic 89) contacted him while he was in America and asked him to do it.

▶ What was his reaction to the new album?
▷ I personally e-mailed him and introduced myself and my music. I’ve worked with many people before but Tony is very aggressive, you can feel his passion for music. Regardless of who I was, he worked very hard. For the mixing, he wouldn’t take long and give feedback right away, and let us listen to the fixed sound. The work flowed very well because he was able to understand exactly what I was looking for.

▶ How long did the mixing take?
▷ He only mixed two tracks and it took him about a week. It was really nice. We gave him , ‘My Love’ and ‘Apologize,’ and each track had a different pop sound. People who know music will be surprised.

▶ What element did he focus on the most? (vocal sound, instrumental, etc.)
▷ There was a lot of attention put into the instrument sound. If last album, we paid attention to each sound of the instrument, this album was about the overall balance. A lot of thought went into the harmony and tone.

▶ What do you think is the most significant factor to success?
▷ Everyone thought about this album together – the concept, music, etc. We’re all at the studio and discuss it together. It’s always becomes a meeting. We all make it together and I am very thankful for that. The company is really meticulous and works on every detail. There are things that the mass public doesn’t know such as changing the guitar strings to get a different sound. We continue to work on it until I can get the closest sound that I hear in my head. It’s hard to get the exact sound that’s in your head and only I know what it is. We just continue working until the sound I want, or close enough, comes out.

▶ What was your major?
▷ My major was vocals and producing, but in college I also took random classes such as guitar.

▶ What do you anticipate from the public’s reaction of the new mini album?
▷ I tried to continue from the previous album so people don’t get surprised. What I want to show is different from what the public expects of me. I had a lot of concerns on how to do this, whether to show an entirely new song or something similar (to my previous songs) like ‘My Love.’ I can’t randomly start singing about a bad girl (laughs).

If the last album was a bit lighter, this one is more serious. It has more depth to it.

▶ What do you want to show as a singer?
▷ In music, there’s still a lot of things I want to do, whether it be featuring, doing OSTs, or producing and composing. I want to do a lot of things. What I’ve shown is just a little bit of what I want to do. Basically, I want to do everything in music.

▶ Any last words?
▷ I hope my music gets loved more. I did receive a lot of love for my last album ‘The Manual.’ I hope that this album gets more love than my previous one. I want to spend a proud year. Musically and also as a singer.

A very easy-going and sweet guy, Eddy Kim wrapped up his interview with bntnews before heading off to his next schedule. As he continues his endeavors in music and makes a name for himself as an artist, we anticipate what he will show next. Trying a range of genres and experimenting dynamically in the field, Eddy Kim’s passion for music is what makes him successful. (photo by Mystic 89)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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