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“Today Is My Stage” The Cute Looks Of Celebrities

[by Yang Wan Sun] Stage greetings, for movie actors and actresses, are meetings where they get to meet their numerous fans. That is why they really pay attention to how they style themselves before getting on stage.

The stage greetings of movies ‘Love Forecast’, ‘ Working Girl’ and ‘Chronicle of a Blood Merchant’ have a similarity. The similarity lies in the cute fashion of the female actresses. Although Moon Chae Won, Cho Yeo Jeong and Ha Ji Won all are individualistic actresses and have their own unique traits, their cute styles all received love from their fans.

Their cute fashion that was styled through the designs of their jackets, the printing on their t-shirts and the color of their coats will lead the 2015 cute look styling trend.

▶ Actress Moon Chae Won- Oversized Wool Jacket

For the stage greeting of movie ‘Love Forecast’ actress Moon Chae Won wore an oversized wool jacket with black buttons to create a cute look. The plaid shirt and denim pants that she wore added to the casual mood of the outfit.

If you wish to portray a cute look by styling a jacket, choosing an outfit with a sailor design can be useful. This design, similar to that of a school uniform, can help portray a more youthful and cute look.

Using pants can also portray a cute outfit as well. Wearing high-waist slacks can help females appear young and cute while also giving off a boyish feel.

▶ Actress Cho Yeo Jeong- Cute Printed Shirt

Actress Cho Yeo Jeong who attended the stage greeting for the movie ‘Working Girl’ wore a vivid red colored graphic tee with black skinny-fit pants. The key point of her cute look was the vivid color and cute print of her t-shirt. The lip-shaped print allowed her outfit to appear cute and lovely.

Prints of characters that appear in movies or animations are items that are used frequently for cute-look fashion styles. Animation or movie character prints with history are especially fun to wear because they add a vintage look to the fashion.

Oversized sweaters are also good for portraying a cute look. Wearing loose fit sweaters with cute prints as a one-piece dress, the outfit will not only be cute but trendy as well.

▶ Actress Ha Ji Won-Pink Colored Coat

At the stage greeting for movie ‘Chronicle of a Blood Merchant’ actress Ha Ji Won wore a long pink coat and created a cute and vibrant look.
Out of the numerous colors, pink is frequently used to create cute looks and is a color that may trend for the beginning of 2015. If an outfit consisting of a light pink colored coat, white shirt and slacks is coordinated, the look will not only be cute but chic as well.

Oversized coats and pink fashion items complete cute fashion styles as well. Pink colored bags, hats and shoes can be coordinated with a vivid green or navy colored coat.
(photo by: Stylenanda, bntNews DB)

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