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Heating: The Cause Of All Skin Troubles. How To Manage It Properly

[by Jung Yoojin] As the temperature drops dramatically, heating is now irreplaceable in our lives.

But it is known by many that heating is lethal to the skin. Heating drops the recommended indoor humidity of 40~60 percent to 10 percent. Therefore, the air becomes dry and decreases the amount of water that is supplied to our skin.

When the skin loses moisture, it starts to make a lot of sebum which fills up the skin pores and leads to skin trouble. But since we cannot live without it in this cold weather, we need a solution. Here are some ways to protect the skin from dryness.

▶ Keeping the heater away from the skin

Go Hyunjung, a renowned celebrity for flawless skin, is famous for not turning on the heater even in the coldest winter days. You should avoid the use of heaters to prevent sebum and in cases when it is inevitable, the heater needs to be away from the skin.

Also, you need to use the humidifier with the heater to maintain a 40~60 percent of humidity indoors. You should put it at a moderate temperature and ventilate the room frequently because when it is used for too long, it can give severe damage to the skin.

If you feel tightness in the skin or feel like sebum is being excreted too much as you start to turn on the heating, you should try to find the cause and fix it before going to the hospital.

▶ Supplying moisture to the body by drinking water

Many people put in efforts to have a healthy skin. One of the things that people miss easily is the habit of drinking water. It is important to provide the body with water by drinking it frequently.

If you overlook this, it makes the best moisturizing creams and nourishing creams useless by making the deepest parts of the skin dry. Drinking a lot of water helps the skin along with relieving panda eyes.

Therefore, it is crucial that you provide the body with water that is lost in the dry weather through consuming fruits or vegetables. Although it might be hard to see the results right away, you will see your skin change from a dry, sebum-abundant condition as you maintain the habit.

▶ Moisturizing through thorough homecare

Once you’ve taken care of the basic problems and the everyday habits, you need to take care of the rest. You should apply mist that contains essence when you’re outside to prevent losing moisture. Homecare is the most important. After cleansing, you should apply moisturizing or nourishing cream to prevent any chance of your skin getting dry.

One way to keep your skin moisturized is to combine the use of cream and facial oil which is called oil mixing. The skin becomes moisturized and the epidermis comes back to life as you mix the oil with the cream and apply it onto your face.

And if the oil has various kinds of herbs, it could be a one of a kind DIY moisturizing cream just for your skin. However, the amount of the oil should be mixed with care since it can cause the face to be oily or cause skin trouble.

The betaine that is contained in the ‘CELL ESSENCE’ makes the skin moist and active.

2. Esthēpure total solution cream
This product is an essential cream that contains peptide which is a chemical that is similar to snake poison. This is mixed with filtered snail slime that gives the dry skin moisturizing ability and flexibility to make the skin healthy.

3. Belif The true facial oil
This product is a new moisturizing facial oil that is light and absorbed fast into the skin and nourishes it. It contains various kinds of vitamins, which makes the skin moist and glossy.
(Photo by Esthēpure, Hera, Belif, bntnews DB)

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