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‘Victoria-Tae Yeon-Park Soo Jin, Stars’ Makeup Knowhow In Selfies

[by Song Eun Ji] For stars, Weibo, Instagram, Twitter, and many other SNS are used as the window of communication with their fans.

What especially become hot topics among women are stars’ ‘selfies’ revealed through their SNS, because selfies are one way that allows women to observe stars’ makeup the most closely. As a result, many women refer to their selfies to wear makeup. 

Among female celebrities who actively interact with their fans on SNS, Victoria, Tae Yeon, and Park Soo Jin’s selfies are always hot issues. We have taken a look at the selfies of them who are wannabe looks among Korean and even Chinese women.

Victoria’s Makeup

With innocent, sexy, cute, and various other charms, Victoria is called a ‘fairy pitta’ by people. Her secrets to matching perfectly in any kind of makeup are skin and lips.

First, cover the blemishes and uneven spots on your skin  with a primer and a foundation. Then, add a point to your lips by applying lip makeup products with different colors depending your clothes and mood.

Tae Yeon’s Makeup

Tae Yeon flutters many people’s hearts with her remarkably mature image. Her selfie shows that she enjoys playing with contrasts through a clear eyeliner and her soft skin that reminds of sticky rice cake. 

Tae Yeon then emphasizes her lips with different lip colors. She emits diverse charms by demonstrating her sexy look with a burgundy lip makeup or a cute look with light baby pink lip color.

Park Soo Jin’s Makeup

Having risen as many women’s ‘wannabe star’ with a young look that makes it hard to believe she is in her 30s, Park Soo Jin’s selfie also draws people’s attention every time. She enjoys wearing point makeups in which she applies a vivid color lipstick to her shiny skin that seems to be full of moisture.

Her secret to a clear and glossy lip makeup is a tint. As it can create various moods depending on how many times it is layered, the tint is already chosen as female celebrities’ must-have item.

▶ Following Female Celebrities’ ‘Lip Makeups’

If you want to follow stars’ lip makeups in their selfies, prepare a lip makeup item such as a lipstick or lip gloss that fits your taste. If you are concerned with the weak durability of lipsticks and the stickiness of lip glosses, we recommend you to use a tint that has the advantages of both products.

A tint is one of the items that many women ‘cannot give up on.’ It not only lets them put color on the lips fast and easily but also can maintain clear coloring for a longer time than lipsticks and lip glosses.

If you want more moisturized lips without dryness, use an all-in-one lip care product like ‘Maybe Baby Lip’ first and start your lip makeup. As you remove the dead skin cells on your lips, put moisture, and wear a lip makeup, you can have a perfect beauty styling like celebrities.

>> Best 5 ‘Hot’ Lip Makeup Items In Korea

BEST 1 ‘’Too Cool For School Check Glossy Blaster Tint’
A new-concept 3rd generation tint made of ‘Too Cool For School’s own golden ratio at 30% water and 70% oil. It maintains moisturized and bright lips all day thanks to its luster and durability to balloon capsule that colors the lips more clearly when applied more and more.

BEST 2 ‘YSL Rouge Volupte’
A lipstick that has a rich and creamy texture and a vivid color. Light and rich creamy texture melts on the lips to add soft and clear vitality.

BEST 3 ‘Dior Addict Fluid Skin’
A lip gloss that features a light water formula without wax. It completes a more lively lip makeup that lasts longer and has more sheen.

PLUS. ‘’Too Cool For School Maybe Baby Lip’
An all-in-one lip balm with both lip scrub that can softly exfoliate the lips and high-enriched organic lip essence that supplies nutrients to the lips without stickiness. It can protect cracked and chapped lips and can take care of them more healthily before lip makeup.
(Photo by: Too Cool for School, YSL, Dior bntnews DB, Victoria’s Weibo, Park Soo Jin and Tae Yeon’s Instagram)

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