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Global Goddess Troika: Song Ji Hyo vs Park Shin Hye vs Han Ye Seul’s Grooming TIP

[By Lee Se In] There are three beauties who are recognized goddesses not only in Korea but also internationally. They are actress Song Ji Hyo, Park Shin Hye, and Han Ye Seul, who are receiving endless love from the public by building their own areas through entertainment shows, acting, and many others.

What they share in common is beauty, charm, and a soft and flawless skin. The beauty industry has also discovered these aspects and is choosing them as muses.

Then, what beauty level are they in? We will now dig up the 3 global goddesses’ grooming.


What clothes do the actresses who boast goddess-like beauty wear? When standing on public scenes, they’re all dressed in lovely dresses.

Song Ji Hyo upgraded her usually hidden feminine charms in a lovely white lace dress. Her loveliness reached its peak with the ribbon details around her waist . Actress Park Shin Hye presented a contrasting fashion. While having a neat and minimal look in the front, she attempted a cute reveal in her back with a bear back style.

Actress Han Ye Seul chose a spangle dress. Though it does not have lines, the dress enhanced her perfect silhouette with her thin legs blending harmoniously in it.


While well-known for looking pretty without makeup, actress Song Ji Hyo looks even prettier with makeup on. Song Ji Hyo undoubtedly boasted a moisturized glossy skin. Makeup that permeated softly on her sheen base made her gleam more. Actress Park Shin Hye showed a natural makeup that emphasized her innocent face. Her shiny skin added to her innocent beauty.

Lastly, actress Han Ye Seul appeared at a photo wall event in a black dress and a Barbie doll like look. She wowed the public with moisturized and bright makeup and made her small face’s well-defined features stand out more in shading eye makeup.

√ How To Get A Goddess’ Moisturized Skin?

1. ‘Mamonde Lotus Micro Mud Mask’
Lotus, the flower of purification, and clean mud ingredients eliminate fine dust, heavy metal, and other wastes inside skin and also supplies abundant nutrients.

2.  ‘NEOGEN Gold Pack’ (‘NEOGEN Code9 Gold Black Caviar Essence & Gold Tox Tightening’)
A premium skincare product in which you soak one gold thread pad in a dual (whitening and wrinkle enhancement) functional gold black caviar essence, at half amount of a regular essence bottle

3. ‘Banila.co Good Night Finish Mask’ With Skin Care Boosting Complex
It maintains skin balance during nighttime and holds nutrition ingredients for a long time to help skin elasticity and whitening, completing a comfortable skin condition on the next day.

4. ‘GIORGIO ARMANI Regenessence Multi-Corrective Rejuvenating Cream’
‘Giorgio Armani’s unique velvet-like soft texture stands out in this cream. It purifies skin surface with LHA and chestnut tree extractions, and creates much softer skin.
(Photo by: NEOGEN, Mamonde, Banila.co, Giorgio Armani, bntnews DB)

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