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[bnt pictorial] Luna, the Fairy Pitta Of Korea

[by Nawael Khelil / Photos by Kim Tae Oh] The phrase that Luna hears the most these days is “look how pretty you became!” It’s true that, if you like to compare, the small and cute kid that debuted in f(x) a few years ago has turned into a gorgeous young lady.

Bnt International met the singer for a pictorial for the second time in a year. What we could notice from last summer is that she did evolve – not only physically, but style-wise as well. Her pretty face fits any concept, and Luna manages to deliver the same (huge) amount of strength for each of them, embracing the images, the influences and the colors like a chameleon.

For our first concept, she expresses the sporty trend with a pastel pink sweater decorated with a white square and lettering, a navy mermaid mini skirt and a pair of sneakers. Because sporty references imply for a fully comfy mood, Luna sits and plays with the camera through various poses that all translate not only coziness but also confidence.

Luna’s second look was all about expressing beauty and femininity through simplicity. The interesting episode is that the young woman was personally involved in the conception of this outfit and concept. In a tee-dress, a wool coat and a pair of peep toes ankle boots, she embraces a slightly elaborated take on the normcore trend. Less is more, except for the hair, which interprets elegance and girl power.

The third concept is for Nature. In a white lace blouse and a long blue skirt, Luna poses surrounded by rural flowers for a dreamlike atmosphere. Had we heard she was a fairy we would believe it. There are times when a woman exudes so much of an ethereal beauty that you can’t tell either her age, nor where she’s from or what she’s doing here: you’re totally lost in what she creates and that’s what happens with these photographs of Luna. A direct door to a magical world that has nothing to do with Narnia.

Luna is known for her brightness – her smile is her timeless signature. But as she grows up, the singer is able to embrace a darker atmosphere. For our last, but not least, concept she plans a rapid trip to chic-goth lands. In a black lace dress, she flaunts a dark makeup that enhances her sexiness yet adult-like charms. She’s not a girl anymore, and she’s totally a woman: that’s the message she’s giving to the public through these strong, fierce and incredibly ambiguous photographs.

In the interview that was conducted with the photoshoot, Luna shared her regrets for 2014, “We prepared for such a long time, put so much effort in it yet were not able to share the fruit of our work with our fans. But we’re working even harder to deliver a more mature side of f(x) in 2015.”

We were talking about change. So what has changed the most, in Luna’s opinion, since her first step into the music industry? “My thighs. (laughs) Honesty is always good. I like working out and I practiced so much before debuting that it seems that I lost all that flesh naturally. I am still working out for a better line, but I won’t have it through managing my diet.”

Luna debuted at a young age, but she’s still very down-to-earth, especially with her image. Aware that efforts bring you everything, the hard-working singer is on her way to an even bigger success. And if she ever fails at being an idol, she can always move into modeling, she’d do amazing. (photos by bntnews DB)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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LUNA - pictorial

Write: 2015-01-30 12:04:29 / Update: 2015-01-30 00:00:00

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