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‘Special Secrets’ Of Stars With Beautiful Bare Face

[By Song Eun Ji] Female stars’ clean bare faces become hot issues as soon as they are revealed.

The stars who confidently show their flawless milky-white skin without makeup make many women envious. Due to dull skin, most women cover their face with a simple makeup or a hat even when going to a convenient store in front of their house.

Let’s pay attention here if you want to have a beautiful bare face like stars. We have figured out skin care know-hows that can help you be confident at anytime, anywhere in your bare face.

Knowhow 1 Do Not Neglect ‘Facial Wash’ If You Want A Clean Skin

The first thing you should do for your skin is removing your makeup and skin wastes meticulously. Softly erase makeup by using cleansing oil and do another facial wash with cleansing foam.

Use cleanser made of natural surfactants instead of chemical ingredients so that your skin, which has already become sensitive from external fine dust and cold air, doesn’t get irritated. If you use a foaming cleanser that contains natural mineral ingredients and a pore brush, you can cleanse your face more perfectly even inside the pores.

>> Beauty Editor’s Pick!

01 ‘KICHO Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser’

Cleansing foam with natural ingredients from mild and natural ‘Kicho Cosmetics,’ launched by Dooyeon Corp., Ltd. Over 90% of this product contains natural surfactants, deep water from the sea around Ulleungdo, and many other natural plant ingredients to minimize skin irritation.

02 ‘KICHO Bubble Pore Brush’
This pore brush that minimizes skin irritation with dense, micro hair of 0.05mm cleans skin wastes even inside pores.

Knowhow 2 Finish Skin Care Lightly in 4 Steps

If you want a flawless skin, have a light skin care with about 4 mild functional cosmetic products instead of applying many different ones. Reducing the number of cosmetic products is one of the best ways to relieve the burden off your skin.

STEP 1 Toner
After washing your face, use a toner that can lightly supply nutrients to your skin. If you choose a rich-type toner instead of a water-type, ample nutrients will be absorbed deeply into your skin for you to have a more moisturizing skin care.

STEP 2 Essence
Improve your skin texture by using a soft and highly-enriched essence. Using a functional essence for moisturizing, whitening, and wrinkle enhancement will help you solve complex skin problems simply.

STEP 3 Eye Cream
Apply an eye cream around the eyes, forehead, and mouth, which are areas that can easily have wrinkles. Put an adequate amount of eye cream on your finger and pat the areas that need care lightly to deliver nutritious elements deeply into the skin for higher skin elasticity.

Moisturizing Cream
The last step of skin care is providing enough nutrition to your skin with a moisturizing cream. If you have a dry skin, choose a rich nutrition cream instead of a gel-type. It soothes dry, exhausted skin and maintains moisture for a long time, enabling a moisturizing and bright skin care.

>> Beauty Editor’s Pick!

01 ‘KICHO phyto Natural Refreshing Toner’
This rich toner with plentiful nutrients takes care of skin to be cleaner and more transparent.

02 ‘KICHO Phyto Natural Total Essence’
As a highly-enriched phyto energy essence, it delivers nutrients deep inside skin.

03 ‘KICHO Phyto Enriched Eyecream’
A functional eye cream for skin whitening and wrinkle enhancement, it provides moisture to dark and dry eye areas to make them brighter and more elastic.

04 ‘KICHO Phyto Natural Moisture Cream’
As a rich, moisturizing nutrition cream that adheres to skin without stickiness, it soothes fatigued skin and maintains water for a long time, creating a moisturized skin from inside.

Knowhow 3 Use ‘Fake’ If You Want A Perfectly Beautiful Bare Face

If you want to be a beautiful woman with a perfect bare face, try using fake beauty items that can make you pretend to be without makeup on your face.

Chosen as a must-have item by women, the CC cream includes both skin care and makeup functions in one product. When applied thinly all over the face, your face can turn into a completely natural, flawless bare face in an instant as if there is no makeup on.

You should consider functions when choosing a CC cream. Since you are putting only one product instead of wearing various ones in layers, precisely check whether the CC cream can block UV rays, what functions it has, and whether it contains harmful ingredients.

>> Beauty Editor’s Pick!

‘KICHO Complete Correction Cream’ is a CC cream with triple functions of skin whitening, wrinkle enhancement, and sunblock that corrects skin tone brightly.
(Photo by: KICHO, bntnews DB, Mina’s Twitter, Ha Ji Won, Kang Min Kyung, and Suzy’s Instagram, Angela Baby and Victoria’s Weibo)

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