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Ji Sung VS Ji Sung

[by Yang Wan Sun, translated by Sora Ghim] The popularity of MBC drama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ is not normal. Achieving an 11.5% viewer percentage for its 8th episode on January 29, ‘Kill Me, Heal me’ topped in its time slot.

In particular, Ji Sung’s acting is gaining attention for his 7-in-1 character, adding to the drama’s fame.

With each new character, Cha Do Hyun’s (Ji Sung) personalities are getting their own fandoms while Ji Sung is already an actor who is recognized for his acting. Let’s compare the fashions of Cha Do Hyun and Ji Sung.

▶ ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ Ji Sung’s suit look, double coat

A third generation child of a wealthy family, Cha Do Hyun has 7 split personalities. Among these, two characters are the normal Cha Do Hyun and the angry and violent, Shin Se Gi.

The average Cha Do Hyun enjoys wearing suits. He wears the most basic black suit with a white shirt for a dandy look. On the other hand, Shin Se Gi does wear suits but with a completely different mood. Although choosing a tidy design, he goes for a strong red and black color, expressing his anger and violent image.

Aside from Shin Se Gi, Ji Sung also plays two twins, older brother Ahn Yo Seob and his twin sister Yo Na. Cold and cynical, Yo Seob wears a double coat and oval framed glasses, completing the fashion of an underage boy.

▶ Public appearances Ji Sung’s natural and dandy mix-match look

During the press conference for ‘Kill Me, Heal Me,’ Ji Sung wore a camel colored coat with a black shirt and pants for a simple styling. His solid black shirt gave a point to his natural look. If he took off his coat, he would have a casual fashion.

For the conference for the movie ‘Confession,’ Ji Sung showed another dandy look. He mix and matched for a casual mood. Wearing a simple black suit for a gentle image, he changed his inners for a white V-neck t-shirt rather than a dress shirt for a more natural look.

When coordinating a long coat, he showed a similar styling. Wearing a black outer and pants, he matched with a simple white t-shirt for nonchalance.

▶ Ji Sung’s ‘Plain clothes Fashion’ – Coordination that fits

An easy way to look at a star’s ‘plain clothes fashion’ is through their Instagram. Among the various SNS, Instagram has a strong holding within celebrities and is a great way to look at stars’ daily looks.

There is one thing in common with Ji Sung’s plain clothes fashion. All the clothes fit well to the body. Known to enjoy working out, Ji Sung shows off his masculine body through tight-fitted clothes.

Instead of wearing wild prints, he tends to go for simple solid colored shirts. Blending in, ‘dandy, ‘simple,’ and ‘natural’ are three keywords that make up ‘Ji Sung Fashion.’ (photo by bntnews DB, MBC ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ capture, Ji Sung’s Instagram)

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Write: 2015-02-02 14:01:42 / Update: 2015-02-02 18:20:33

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