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[STYLE COLOR] ‘Brown’, a Familiar Shade That Exudes Comfort

[by Ham Rira / Translated by Nawael Khelil] There is a color that can be found easily in any environment: brown.

If we were to define the color ‘brown’, we would say it’s a dark shade of orange – even though a lot of variations exist.

Light brown, the darker taupe, a yellowish shade of brown, auburn, bronze or also a purplish brown with golden glints, the darkest of browns and umber, there is a bunch of declinations for the same color.

Brown is a color that mixes red, yellow and black, and its name was derived from the French ‘brun’ which originally translates ‘the shade of the crepuscule of a color’.

   SS15 Seoul Fashion Week: miss Gee, ARCHE, Low Classic, LIE, Push Button

People who like brown usually are reliable and reclinable persons. No matter the situation, they show stability in the way they think and their fashion sense is also good. They have something for vintage, so they are obsessed with old objects.

In particular, they cherish their family, friends and are very stable in their relationships. Brown has something very trustworthy and friendly as it contains several warm colors.

If you choose brown for your interior, you can express a classic and elegant atmosphere. A bright shade of brown would translate a delicate and natural mood.

However, brown is also stuck in a fascist image. Hitler’s supporters used to wear brown shirts to copy Mussolini’s, who agreed on wearing black, and the color was still very attached to the Nazis’ imaging.

Also, brown may exude a comfortable feeling, it also implies sadness. The phrase ‘Brown Study’ now describes ‘Melancholy and fantasy that are drowned in thoughts’. It considers it as a dull and sad color.

Men like to resort to brown as it’s easy to style yet gives a point. Like black, it’s perfect to create natural office or casual looks, and it even exudes a dandy-like mood. Brown is also the color that matches the skin the most, allowing a great impact on sunglasses and hats.

This color is particularly associated with autumn, and it’s partly because of the trench coat. Like autumn leaves that fall, it translates solitude and memories.

By going for the total tone-on-tone look, you can express a stable yet elegant silhouette. Its biggest strength is to give a warm feeling with such a cold background.

1.    DSQUARED2’s jumper
2.    L’Donovan’s matte brown pouch
3.    Effector’s glasses
4.    Hamilton Automatic’s brown leather watch
5.    Cocomink’s sable hood shawl
6.    Fendi’s Peekaboo

(photos by bntnews DB, DSQUARED2, L’Donovan, Effector, Hamilton, Cocomink, Fendi)

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Write: 2015-02-04 12:58:39 / Update: 2015-05-11 15:16:36

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