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Learning Skincare Methods From Those With Beautiful Skin

[by Song Eun Ji] Stars such as Hwang Jung Eum, Han Ji Min and Song Ji Hyo are some out of many celebrities that receive admiration for their white glowing skin that makes it hard for others to figure out their age.

They are even able to be confident in front of an HD camera that is known to reveal all the wrinkles and pores that people want to hide. Is this clear and flawless skin that these celebrities have necessarily innate?

The answer is ‘no’. It is important to remember that they also do consistent daily skincare in order to maintain their skin condition. Let’s find out about the methods behind the white and radiant skin of celebrities.

▶ Celebrity Skincare Method “Let’s Learn Directly From The Stars”

≫ Song Ji Hyo’s skincare method

Song Ji Hyo, the only female celebrity starring in SBS ‘Good Sunday-Running Man’, has been receiving a lot of love, not only in Korea but also in foreign countries as well. In order to maintain her youthful skin, she focuses the most on ‘thorough cleansing’.

The key point to her skincare routine is that she does not irritate the skin by rubbing hard against the skin but instead lightly rubs the skin several times. After this, she stated that she ends her skincare by applying sufficient toner, lotion and nourishing the skin through the use of sun-block products.

≫ Hwang Jung Eum’s Skincare Method

Hwang Jung Eum’s flawless skin, even through her natural makeup that is close to her no-makeup face in the MBC drama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’, is always a hot topic after every episode. The secret behind her skincare routine is moisturizing care using facial mask packs.

The key point to this skincare routine is consistently putting a mask pack on the face and not giving the face time to become dry. She also added the fact that she does not touch skin blemishes with her hands in order to create a clean complexion without acne scars and marks.

≫ Han Ji Min’s Skincare Method

Han Ji Min, who is gaining popularity through the SBS drama ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’, has a youthful complexion that makes it hard to believe that she is 34 years old. The secret behind her youthful skin is ‘sleep’ and ‘moisturizing care’.

She not only relieves her tiredness by sleeping during her breaks but also focuses her skincare routine around moisturizing methods such as moisturizing creams and mask packs. On days without filming, she adds radiance and vitality to her skin by only applying basic skin products and sun-block products without makeup.

▶ Skincare Tips For A Flawless Glowing Skin

Tip 1 The Basis For Skincare Lies In Cleansing

Many professionals agree that the first step to flawless glowing skin is ‘thorough and non-irritating cleansing’. Cleansing should be done by smoothly rolling the tips of the fingers thoroughly across the face. At this stage, using a cleansing pore brush can allow for a more completed stage of cleansing.

01 KICHO Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser This product is a foam cleanser produced using natural surfactants and consists of 90% plant content, allowing for a non-irritant and healthy cleansing. 02 KICHO Bubble Pore Brush This product is a useful tool in that it allows for dead skin cells inside of the pores to be removed without irritation through the magnet contained inside the pore brush. 03 shu uemura ultime8 cleansing oil This cleansing oil, with 8 different aromas, consists of a smooth cashmere-like texture and is effective in removing makeup and other impurities inside the pores.

Tip 2 Skin Care, Commit To The Basics

Do not try to use too many makeup products. The number of products you use does not determine the quality of your skin. It is important to remember that it's the product you choose to use consistently that matters the most.

01 Banila Co. Miss Water&Mr Oil mist This mist spray, composed of natural mineral water and seed oil, allows for direct moisturizing of the skin. 02 LANCOME Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate This product is an active serum that allows the skin to become healthy from the inside layer and also enhances the next stage of the skincare routine. 03 KICHO Phyto natural Moisture Cream ★ This product, consisting of 7 different natural patented compounds with plant content from soybean extracts, is a functional moisturizing cream that nourishes the skin without stickiness and also has whitening and anti-wrinkle effects. 04 innisfree green tea sleeping pack This moisturizing cream fills the skin with moisture during your sleep with its pure green tea water and allows the skin to become moist and clear.
(photo by: KICHO, Innisfree, LANCOME, Banila Co., Shu uemura, bntNews DB)

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