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‘We Got Married’ Wives’ Charms Which Attract Men’s Heart

[By Jeong Yoo Jin] ‘We Got Married’ is popular not only in Korea but also in China.

Especially, three lovely wives, Hong Jin Young, Yoo Ra and Kim So Eun became popular and their fashion, makeup methods and hair styles has become a hot issue among the public. Out of these, their clean and shinning skin is the top interest of people.

What are there attractive charms? Let’s look at each one of them closely.

▶ Hong Jin Young, from a Trot Queen To an Aegyo Queen

Trot queen Hong Jin Young, who released a new album, attracted her husband Nam Goong Min with her bright characteristic and special aegyo (cute and charming actions). In every episode, she attracts the audience with her beautiful face, slim body and smooth skin.

She said that her skincare secret is thorough cleansing. She said it is more important to remove makeup than putting it on and introduced her cleansing method.

The skin waste doesn’t get removed by just rubbing the face. Hong Jin Young, in her 30’s, has a young face and she said that she doesn’t use hands when cleansing. She tries to minimize the stimulus by just using the friction of water.

Also, to reduce the dryness of the skin, she tries to do water cleansing or use a natural soap.

▶ Cute and Whimsical Yoo Ra

Popular girl group Girls Day’s member Yoo Ra shows different charms than on stage through ‘We Got Married’. She is loved by the audience with her cute and whimsical character. We can catch her husband Hong Jong Hyun looking at Yoo Ra with loving eyes.

Yoo Ra’s loving charm starts from her bright and shinning skin. Yoo Ra has dry skin so she tries hard to keep it moist.

Normally, women use a mist to keep the skin moist but Yoo Ra uses a cream. She keeps her honey skin by putting on a thin layer of oil and water balanced cream after the makeup.

Mist makes the skin moist at the moment you spray it, however, it takes away the moisture after some time. Therefore it is effective to put on a thin layer of cream three times.

Also, for the lip, use cream instead of a lip balm to get the lip pack effects. Apply plenty of cream on the lip before going to sleep and cover it with a wrap to keep it moisture. Next morning, use a swab to rub the lips than dead skin cells will come off.

▶ Innocent and Sexy Kim So Eun

Recently, Kim So Eun and Song Jae Rim’s couple became popular with the ‘R18 Talk’. Especially, Kim So Eun is getting attention after her character ‘Ga Eul’ in the popular drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. She smiles to her husband whenever she feels happy or embarrassed and her beautiful smile makes the audience happy as well.

She said that she is too busy to go to esthetics so she tries homecare. She uses a facial oil during homecare.

Especially, nowadays when it is very dry, ‘oil mixing’ is the best method for moisturizing. This method mixes cream and facial oil together. Just mix one or two drops of facial oil to your daily cream and apply it on the skin. You will be able to have a moisturized skin.

Especially, if the oil contains herbs, you can have a D.I.Y moisturizing cream for your skin type. However, if you use too much oil, your face can get oily or can get troubles so make sure you use the right amount.  

▶ Home Care Items Loved By The Celebrities

1. Shuemura Brightening Cleansing Oil
Cleansing oil containing mitomycin white complex content, vitamin derivatives and fruit acids that improves dark skin and brightens the skin.  
2. esthēpure total solution cream, esthēpure 还幼膏
Essential cream which makes the skin healthy and elastic by giving moisture and flexibility to the dry skin. Peptide element; similar to the snake venom and the snail slime makes the skin smooth.
3. BIOTHERM Serum-in-oil
A mix of micro-algae oil from the ocean and serum makes the skin smooth and luminous. It cures the winkles and boosts the elasticity of the skin.

(Photo by: esthepure, Shuemura, Biotherm, Scenes from MBC ‘We Got Married’, bnt News DB)

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