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No More Blotchy Red Face

[by Seo Hye Min] Gong Hyo Jin’s visual in the movie ‘Miss Hongdangmu’ that came out in 2008 was shocking indeed.

While countrified permed hair added to the authentic expression of the character, her severely flushed face that reminds of a carrot is especially memorable in that movie. The name of the skin disease Gong Hyo Jin is suffering from in the movie is ‘hot flush.’

Choi Kang Hee, who is starring in a recent tvN drama called ‘Heart To Heart’ appears as a main female character with ‘hot flush’ too. Choi Kang Hee perfectly described the main girl who has socio phobia and hot flush through permed hair and red face.

Gong Hyo Jin and Choi Kang Hee looked cute in their own ways. Viewers couldn’t help laughing at their flushed faces and countrified outfits.

However, hot flush is cute only when it is a concept in dramas. In fact, for those having trouble with hot flush, their flushed cheeks that don’t calm down are a skin problem they want to cure immediately.

If you have normal skin, your skin will soon return to its white skin even after turning red due to internal and external causes. However, those with hot flush have their blood vessel expanded more easily than other people even with minor stimulation, making their easily-blushed face take more time to come back to its normal state.  

There are many causes to hot blush: sensitive skin due to inappropriate treatment in a dermatologist, wrong use of cosmetics, and irritated skin by excessive facial scrub or cleansing. Hot blush is also a common skin ailment for climacteric women besides emotional and surrounding temperature changes.

Treatment for hot flush includes medicine and laser treatment at a dermatologist’s, but they cost too much and make one visit the hospital often for a certain period of time once they start dermatology care.

What is emerging to replace this is ‘homecare’ through skin care equipment or mask packs. Any skin problem can be treated more effectively by consistent care at home. Although it is an expensive product, skin care equipment can be used for a long time freely from time constraints once purchased.

STEP 1 Use Home Care Device

If you want to cure hot flush, try getting help from skin care equipment like ‘Magic Kit’ by ‘Dr. Mediz’ since it is important to supplement enough moisture and increase the regeneration ability of skin.  

‘Dr. Mediz’’s ‘Magic Kit’ is a skin care device that provides water and nutrients to deep inside the skin through ultrasonic waves for a moisturized and healthy skin care. As it enables ultrasonic waves and ion care for skin and the muscles below subcutaneous fat, it stimulates and activates the fascia cells and fiber fascia layers.

If used constantly every day, it promotes the regeneration ability of skin to not only alleviate hot flush but also solve complex skin concerns such as elasticity, V-line, wrinkles, whitening, and moisture.

STEP 2 Mask Pack Everyday

Curing hot flush starts from alleviating the heat in your skin. Thus, putting hydrogel mask packs, which can deliver entire essence ingredients to skin, in a fridge and using one every evening can bring down the heat and supply moisture at the same time.

The advantages of hydrogel mask packs are they adhere more perfectly to skin and give nutrients more effectively than other mask pack sheets. They enhance moisture and elasticity, providing more waterful vitality to exhausted skin and improving hot flush more.(Photo by: Amaranth, stills from movie ‘Miss Carrot,’ screenshots from tvN ‘Heart to Heart’)

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Write: 2015-02-05 17:27:37 / Update: 2015-03-06 18:56:10

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