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You Have Many Forehead Wrinkles? Solve This ‘You Frown Often?’ Misunderstanding Through ‘Clear Eye Correction’

[By Lee Sun Young] Office worker Yoo Keun Woo (29) is concerned with the wrinkles showing on his forehead whenever he opens his eyes. Despite being a new employee, he is easily considered to be 3-4 years older than his real age in others’ mind and sometimes causes misunderstanding as a negative person who frowns very often in general.

Keun Woo revealed that “Although I am a very active and positive person, older people ask me if I usually frown when they see the wrinkles on my forehead. I cover my wrinkles with bangs by using a hair product every morning, but I am worried that they are becoming deeper and deeper.”

To Mr. Yoo who visited ‘Start Plastic Surgery’ after much concern, what Dr. Oh Dong Seok confirmed was that he had ‘blepharoptosis.’ Blepharoptosis indicates a symptom the upper eyelids do not open enough and cover the pupils. This makes the eyes difficult and uncomfortable to open, causing one to raise his or her eyebrows and creating wrinkles on the forehead.

People with this symptom have a habit of pulling their head back or sticking out their chin, and it is easy to give a sleepy or blank impression. This, sometimes, brings criticism from others and often become a cause of stress. Furthermore, problems such as deteriorated eyesight or fatigue besides external issues appear as well.

As a result, those with blepharoptosis need eye correction, but many of them also want double eyelid surgery instead of eye correction due to the reason that they have small eyes.

However, Dr. Oh Dong Seok of ‘Start Plastic Surgery’ said that ‘if a general double eyelid surgery is carried out without the correcting of blepharoptosis, the eyelids will be raised less than before the surgery or the eyes will easily become blearier. Thus, if one has blepharoptosis, eye correction procedure must be taken first before the double eyelid surgery.”

Eye correction is done by selecting either a cutting or a non-cutting method, depending on a patient’s condition, and by controlling the tension of eye muscles. If there is a lot of fat above the eyes or the eyelids are drooped too much, the cutting method will be applied, and thin eyelids will undergo the non-cutting method.

Dr. Oh explained that “Our hospital’s ‘Clear Eye Correction’ is chosen as a great surgical method to fix eyes that look sleepy. It not only makes big and clear eyes but also considers functional aspects to help eyes open naturally. Thus, one can change into a lively and bright impression.”  

He then added that “However, those with minor blepharoptosis can be corrected with just double eyelid surgery, so they should pick a surgical procedure that fits them the best by consulting medical specialists who have enough clinical experience. In addition, they should also take a careful, detailed look at whether there is a post-surgery management system for fast recovery.”

No one can probably deny that bright and positive people win others’ favor more than negative people. However, if you have sometimes been seen as a negative person due to blepharoptosis in contrast to your mindset, getting rid of such misunderstanding through ‘Clear Eye Correction’ can be a smart investment for the future.(Photo by: Stills from movie ‘Time To Love,’ bntnews DB)  (The pictures above are unrelated to this news article.)

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Write: 2015-02-05 17:55:42 / Update: 2015-03-06 18:56:05

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