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Date Look For Valentine’s Day

[by Cho Ji Yoon, translated by Sora Ghim] February 14, Valentine’s Day is coming up. On this day, girls give chocolate to boys they like, becoming an important date in the year.

Every woman wants to look beautiful in front of the man they love. The easiest way to make this happen is through clothes.

If you normally wear average and modest clothing, here is a special Valentine’s Day styling to surprise your man.

▶ Give energy with a red dress

The color red gives strength and energy, and makes the face appear brighter, so let’s choose an outfit with red for Valentine’s Day.

In the morning of February 7, actress Kim So Eun attended Jo Jae Yoon’s wedding wearing a red dress with black flowers. Giving a bright mood, the black pumps made the legs looks slimmer while the chain strap bag completed the style.

▶ Give elegance with black

For an elegant and lofty image, black is a color loved by many. Giving a classic mood and formal, black items go well with everything for a cool look.

Kim Hee Ae wore a see-through dress that exposes the shoulders to an event on February 6. From her shoes to accessories, she matched with gold for a sophisticated and refined feminineness.

Those who wish to be as elegant and graceful on this Valentine’s Day, dress like Kim Hee Ae in a black dress with gold accessories for a sophisticated image.

▶ Give innocence with white and beige

White and beige are the colors that make women innocent and pure. The majority of men like composed and gentle women, so it is good to start with an innocent image from the way you dress.

Actress Park Si Yeon was seen in white skinny jeans with a light pink blouse on February 6, for a loveable and lovely image. She added a beige tone fur jacket for elegance and glamor.


01. 18647/Tulip wrap diagonal pin tuck pleats wool dress Naturally draped wrap style design made of wool and acrylic for a slimming effect.

02. 18924/Lace embroidered long blouse Embroidery detail is pure and feminine, creating a lightly made blouse.

03. 18787/Back ribbon shirring volume blouse Pin-tuck wrinkles at the end of the sleeve give volume and the banding at the tail gives the blouse an overall voluminous and sophisticated line.

04. 13919/Prada fabric collar wrap dress Emphasizing the waist while the ribbon enhances feminineness for a black dress that gives elegance and grace.

05. 17870/Plain jacquard dress Simply lined black dress for a comfortable daily look, wear with a cardigan or jacket for a sophisticated mood.
(photo by Zoozoom, bntnews DB)

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