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[bnt interview] Hong Jong Hyun in Singapore

[by Star Media Team, translated by Sora Ghim] Walking underneath the bright lighting is a fashion model. The blinding pin light is like an arrow, lighting up the dark runway. Along to the rhythmical music comes out one model. With an indifferent look and chic expression, the model’s fresh walking makes the audience hold their breath. This model is no other than ‘Korea’s Cole Mohr,’ Hong Jong Hyun. He has started the drastic change from modeling to acting.

With independent movie ‘Hey, Tom’ in 2008, Hong Jong Hyun changed his career path, coming out in various works such as drama special ‘White Christmas,’ miniseries ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano,’ and weekend drama ‘Mama.’ Making viewers cry with his character on ‘Mama,’ he acted alongside actress Song Yoon Ah, making a step forwards.

The recent trend of models entering the acting field has gotten more prominence and Hong Jong Hyun and his friends are the representative models turned actors who are greeting the mass public. Among them, Hong Jong Hyun is gaining attention not only in dramas and movies, but also in variety shows. Acting, fashion sense, and humor, this man is the new ‘icon’ and ‘wannabe’ star.

Claiming he isn’t used to exposing himself, he chose an occupation that does just that. There is too much he wants to do to fall back into the crowd and blend in. The first footstep that other people make easily is done with careful consideration but made bold by Hong Jong Hyun. He always shows a new endeavor that is unexpected. Let’s try to get a hint of his future ventures.

#Change is the key

▷ You completed filming for a movie in January. How was it?
▶ It was fun. We started when it was hot and continued filming until it was cold. My teamwork with Se Yeon was good too. She’s four years younger but we worked well together.

▷ You acted alongside 17-years older Song Yoon Ah in ‘Mama’ and 4-years younger Jin Se Yeon. Does the age different with your co-star impact your acting?
▶ I don’t think I get a bet impact just from the age difference. I think I worked well with my senior Song Yoon Ah and with the younger Se Yeon. I am shy so it was hard to get close at first but that’s not because of age.

▷ Hong Jong Hyun’s first movie and how was the first filming?
▶ My first movie was ‘Hey, Tom’ and on the first day of filming, I was super late. I slept over a friend’s house and overslept. Thankfully the director forgave me. After that, I try not to be even a little late to any filming.

▷ You played a person in the Gunroyng corps in the movie A Frozen Flower. Your appearance became a huge issue after than during when the movie first came out. How did you get cast?
▶ This was a work that I did when I had absolutely no experience in movies. Since I went to the meeting, I knew it was a part that had no lines. My agency told me if I wanted to do it, I can if not, then don’t, but at that time I was very curious about movies. I wanted to know how they film and experience the atmosphere on set. That’s how I chose to appear.

▷ Is there a genre you want to try?
▶ As a man, I want to try a masculine character. In this movie, there was an action scene and although it was tiring, it was very fun. I like working out and sweating so I remember having fun filming. However, I’m still young to film traditional noir movies so I think it’s too rushed. When I reach a full age, I want to try once. I’m sure any male actor would have wanted to at least once.

▷ The role model actor Hong Jong Hyun wants to be like?
▶ Song Yoon Ah who I acted with in ‘Mama.’ Not only is her acting outstanding but she is a great person. During filming for ‘Mama,’ there were times she got hurt or was sick but she didn’t show that she was hurting at all. Even when her condition wasn’t good, she would take care of me, the other actors, and even the staff. Looking at her, I thought “I have to become someone like her.”

▷ During hard times, do you get advice from the people around you?
▶ When I have a problem, I should get help and advice from people but my personality doesn’t like telling other people about myself. I think to myself that I should change but since its innate, it’s hard. I have to work harder (laughs).

#Male models lead now

▷ Hong Jong Hyun, Kim Woo Bin, Sung Joon, Kim Young Kwang, and Lee Soo Hyuk are all representative models-turned-actors. Do you meet frequently?
▶ When we’re deep into a work, we can’t meet often but we hang out a lot when we’re resting. Recently each of us has been busy so I rarely saw them. In particular, Woo Bin is so busy working, he doesn’t have a break so I haven’t seen him even more.

▷ I feel like you share a lot of memories with your friends. Is there something you want to do to make more memories?
▶ Here, I want to come to Singapore again. I think everyone will like it and if we all come I think it’ll be really fun. Come and also have a drink (laughs).

▷ It seems you really value your friends. Do you get a lot of help from your friends?
▶ I am the type to get a lot of influence from them. More than learning, I relieve stress when I meet up and share stories. By doing that, I also learn new things.

▷ Please tell us about your upcoming movie ‘Police Family.’
▶ It is a movie that has comedy, action, melodrama, and a little thriller. Since filming just ended, I don’t know how the editing will turn out. I’m curious as to how the whole movie will be. I think it’ll be bright and refreshing.

#Wannabe Icon

▷ ‘Hong Jong Hyun Fashion’ is always becoming an issue. Where does your fashion sense come from?
▶ My stylist helps but I also personally match things that I have.

▷ What is your favorite fashion item?
▶ A long time ago, I used to buy a lot of shoes. Boots, sneakers, it didn’t matter on the type and I collected a lot, but recently I’ve been spending a lot of money on clothes. I like black so I have a lot of black items.

▷ Hong Jong Hyun’s ‘real way look.’ One word to sum this?
▶ Normcore. I like neat and comfortable fashion. I use a lot of coats and comfortable jackets. Among the outfits worn today, I liked the ivory knit the best. It was the most similar to the clothes I like and wear on a normal basis. I like exercising so I like workout clothes too.

#Enjoy your youth

▷ Without realizing, you’re now in your late 20’s. How do you want to repay your parents who brought you into this world?
▶ First, I have to be successful in order to make my parents happy. My first priority is to have my family safe and healthy. I also want to go on a family vacation. Thinking about it, after becoming an adult, I haven’t gone on a trip with my family at all. I have to make a lot of memories with my family.

▷ The ideal woman of 27-year old Hong Jong Hyun?
▶ I don’t have a concrete standard for my ideal girl. When I was younger, appearance were important but now I think charm is more important. Cute and bright styles are nice but I think any woman is brighter and cuter than me (laughs), that’s why I think a woman who takes care of herself is attractive.

▷ If there is a part of a woman’s appearance that attracts you?
▶ I would like everything to be in the middle. I don’t look for something special that makes her beautiful or better. Charm is important.

▷ Do you think first impressions are important?
▶ I think people need time in order to get to really know someone. However you can’t deny the importance of a first impression. Even when saying the same words, there is a person who says it impudently and one who says it cutely, I think a first impression allows you to differentiate little details.

#Need more energy

▷ You participate in a lot of variety shows too. You appeared with best friend Lee Soo Hyuk on ‘Style Log’ and even you two’s silence became humor.
▶ For us two, it wasn’t anything but I think the audience found it funny. Everyone has a time when the conversation stops and you both start looking at your phone. But even looking at that scene through the camera, it looked awkward. In fact, Soo Hyk and I seriously leading the show in front of the camera was more awkward.

▷ On the 254th episode of ‘We Got Married,’ you didn’t look too well. It was known that you had a cold, wasn’t it hard to film then?
▶ I found out later that it wasn’t a cold but Norovirus. Norovirus can be caught if you eat a lot of seafood like oysters. The day before ‘We Got Married’ filming, I ate a lot of delicious oysters. Since we filmed the movie at an oyster restaurant, after filming, I ate oyster rice soup, oyster pancakes, and raw oysters, which was the cause behind it. It was the first time I was so sick, so I thought it was strange. The very next day I had to film ‘We Got Married’ so I couldn’t get it checked properly so it must have shown.

Riding the Hallyu wave, Hong Jong Hyun has a lot of activities ahead of him. Starting on Valentine’s Day, Hong Jong Hyun will be meeting fans through his Asia fan meeting in Thailand, China, and Japan. Through this Asia tour, Hong Jong Hyun has special events plans for his fans. Making a spot for himself on the Hallyu wave with his acting and trendy style, the time has come for Hong Jong Hyun to go abroad. (photo by bntnews DB, Wstar news DB, MBC ‘Mama,’ tvN ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano,’ KBS 2TV ‘Jeon Woo-Chi,’ MBN ‘Vampire Idol,’ KBS 2TV ‘Jungle Fish 2,’ QTV ‘REAL MATE IN Australia Gold Coast, Kim Young Kwang & Hong Jong Hyun,’ On Style ‘Petorialist,’ On Style ‘Style Log 2013,’ MBC ‘We Got Married’ sketch, Early Bird Entertainment)

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