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What Made Celebs’ Skin Look as Soft As Mochi?

[by Lee Se-In] ‘Mochi (Japanese rice cake) skin’ is a widely-used world for healthy, poreless skin. There are so many celebrities having ‘Mochi skin’ that it seems almost impossible to guess who’s in their 20s and who’s over 30s.

There were three female celebrities whose skin was exceptionally glowing at ‘C'est Si Bon’ VIP premiere: IU, Sandara Park, and Han Chae Young. If you want to get their ‘mochi skin’, read below carefully.

▶ Their Camera-Ready Skin

At the movie premiere, IU flaunted her beautiful youngness of the 20’s with her clear, soft skin. 2NE1’s Sandara Park, as the icon of ‘baby face’ in the K-pop world, also showed off her poreless porcelain skin that made her look much younger than her real age. Actress Han Chae Young,  mother of a child, also surprised everyone at the premiere with her perfect body and flawless skin.

▶ Make Your Skin ‘Mochi-Soft’ with Special Skincare Product!

You will never get an exceptional skin if you just do the same things that others do. Find special, better skincare products that not a lot of people know.

1. NEOGEN CODE9 GOLD BLACK CAVIAR ESSENCE & GOLD TOX TIGHTENING: It is a luxury high-enriched facial mask that contains 99.5% real gold, black caviar, and 71 kinds of natural ingredients. After several minutes, removes the facial mask with a gold tread included in the package. It is widely known as ‘actresses’ facial mask’.

2. CLAIRE’S GUERISSON COMPLEX 9 CREAM: It contains horse oil that creates a protecting film on the skin and gives you a great anti-aging benefit.  If you steadily use the product, you will also experience a big lifting, recovery effect. It also reduces freckles and other types of skin troubles.

3. DAYCELL MACHIHYUN 10 INSTANT CALMING AMPOULE: If you have a sensitive dry skin and have been looking for the right product, pay attention to this facial ampoule. It instantly calms your sensitive, acne-prone skin. Containing 10% Portulaca extract, 10% kava extract, and 5% fucose-derivative vegetable ingredients, it is also effective on atopic skin.
4. ISOI BLEMISH CARE SERUM: Natural cosmetic brand ISOI’s blemish care serum, known as ‘trace-erasing serum’, contains Bulgarian rose oil and natural brightening ingredients that penetrate deeply to your skin and remove blemish and any spots on your skin.
(photo by DAYCELL, NEO GEN, Claire’s. ISOI)

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Write: 2015-02-13 15:17:51 / Update: 2015-05-11 15:23:35

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