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Ahn Jung Hwan VS Jung Hyung Don, Who Will Win?

[by Sora Ghim] Ahn Jung Hwan and Jung Hyung Don are going head to head.

For the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV show ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports,’ the members were split up into two teams, Ahn Jung Hwan’s and Jung Hyung Don’s to play a scrimmage of jokgu. What made this match more special was that the losing team would have to complete a marathon.

When Kang Ho Dong asked, “How about the losing team has to run a marathon?” the captain of the orange team, Jung Hyung Don wholeheartedly took up the offer, showing his confidence in his team ask taunting the blue team with, “If you think it’s unfair, then win.” Worked up, Ahn Jung Hwan replies, “If Hyung Don plays, I will. I will crush Hyung Don.” This is how the fierce battle between the two captains started.

Ahn Jung Hwan’s anger towards Jung Hyung Don showed in his power, as he kicked the ball up high in the air. Following, Jung Hyung Don, Cha Tae Hyun, and Hong Kyung Min received the ball and returned it, starting the best rally amongst the other jokgu matches played.

Meanwhile, which team will end up having to run a marathon? This episode will air on Tuesday, February 17. (photo by KBS 2TV ‘Our Neighborhood Variety Sports’)

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