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The Kitschy Look Fever Never Dies

[By Yang Wansun] The most popular fashion keyword in 2014 was kitschy. The fashion trend has widely been loved as it is good for fashionistas to show their personality and uniqueness.

Kitschy fever seems to go on in 2015 as well. K-pop stars and celebrities have led the trend and now it spreads across China and other Asian countries.

Here is a look at kitschy fashion of three Korean stars: Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung, born actress Bae Doona and renowned fashionista Kim Nayoung.

▶ Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Mint fur coat

Sooyoung showed off an oversized mint fur coat at the airport. She completed her showy look with the winter’s must-have item in a unique color and size.

Fur coats give different images like sexy or jazzy depending on their color and pattern. If you wear a leopard fur jacket, it will make you look luxury, hot and splashy at the same time.

A vivid-colored fur coat like the one the K-pop star wore is a good item to show your uniqueness because the color is easier to draw attention than basic colors such as black and white.

▶ Actress Bae DoonaUncommon patterned clothes

Talented actress Bae Doona boasted a flash seductive mix-and-match look with a unique red striped top and gaudy stockings.

As tops and outerwear are likely to catch other people’s eyes first, it is important to select an impressive one. A rainbow-colored motorcycle jacket will create a strong kitschy impression.

Fashion leaders should also pay attention to their bottoms to entirely demonstrate their showy look. Black mesh stockings are recommended to stress your inviting image like the celebrity did. Leggings are good as well in cold weather.

▶ Trendsetter Kim NayoungHarmony between slim fit and over fit

Kim Nayoung is recognized as a global fashionista. A slim black leather jacket and loose-fit green pants perfected her fashion. Two different fit clothes made up her splashy mix-and-match fashion.

Skinny pants have been trending for more than ten years. But relaxed fit slacks have recently become popular. A suit jacket and same-hued wide pants can accomplish a special office look.

Printed or patterned bottom clothes are good for a fresh flashy look. If you want to wear black slacks, go for an ankle-length one with unique print.
(photo by Stylenanda, bnt news DB)

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