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The ‘Problematic Men’ Show Their Real Selves

[by Sora Ghim] The six men, Jun Hyun Moo, Ha Suk Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Jang Won, Tyler Rasch, and Rap Monster make up the ‘Problematic Men’ for new tvN show to premiere on February 26.

These six people were chosen for their intelligence and brought together to discuss problems and solve them.

# Discovery of character! Birth of a variety star!

It is the first permanent talk show for Ha Suk Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Jang Won, and Rap Monster. People are curious as to what these men will bring to the show and what sides of themselves will be exposed.

In particular, this show anticipates the birth of a new variety star thanks to the format of the show. The panel will discuss complex problems and try to solve it through talking about their own experiences and thoughts.

BTS leader Rap Monster is expected to be a ‘real’ monster on ‘Problematic Men.’ With an IQ of 148, Rap Monster claimed his spot on the show by being able to immediately respond to the given problem, becoming a ‘brain monster.’

Unlike ‘Brain Monster,’ Jun Hyun Moo and Kim Ji Suk became the cute ‘Clumsy Brothers.’

In the midst of Jun Hyun Moo and Kim Ji Suk’s muttering, Rap Monster sensibly picked out a hint, finding the answer. The ‘Clumsy Brothers’ then claimed that they were the ones that gave Rap Monster the hint, bringing laughter.

Jun Hyun Moo says to Kim Ji Suk, “There’s no one I can trust but you,” expressing his familiarity, foreshadowing at the two star’s chemistry.

In addition, Yoo Hee Yeol chose Lee Jang Won as a star who can either rise or fall. There is no gray area for him, raising anticipation for Lee Jang Won’s involvement in the show.

# New type of talk show, there’s no script!

From the start, during the opening of the first episode, Jun Hyun Moo expressed his nervousness. “This program, there’s no script.”

The ‘Problematic Men’ don’t prepare anything beforehand and are just giving the question during recording to start a free discussion for a new type of talk show format.

Thanks to the continuous flow of questions, riddles, and quizzes, the members complain, “My brain cells are dying.”

At last, Ha Suk Jin, Jun Hyun Moo and Kim Ji Suk announced their departure from the show in the midst of filming, bringing laughter with their cute rebellion.

Meanwhile, this new show will start airing on February 26 at 11 PM KST. (photo by ‘Problematic Men’ capture, tvN)

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