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‘Chun Song Yi’s Stylist’ Kim Bo Mi’s BEST 5 Items For Day & Night Basic Skincare

[by Shin Hyun Jung] What lies behind the term ‘scene-stealer’? A second role that, in a drama or a movie, leaves a so big impression on the public that they steal the spotlight from the first role.

Kim Bo Mi is one of these. In movie ‘Sunny’, she caught our attention as Bok Hee, a young woman who dreams of becoming Miss Korea. In MBC’s drama ‘Gu Family Book’, in SBS’s dramas ‘Master’s Sun’, ‘Dr Stranger’ and ‘My Love From The Star’ or in tvN’s ‘My Secret Hotel’, she continued her reputation.

In ‘My Love From The Star’, Kim was Chun Song Yi’s stylist but she managed to use the success of the drama in China to get the first role in a Chinese movie. We can say that going from a second role to a lead role is a proper way to set a career.

But acting is not the only field in which Kim Bo Mi works hard, the actress goes through a thorough skincare routine. She stressed on the importance of using appropriate products for your skin during day and night.

▶ Night Care

For Kim Bo Mi, the most important role of night care is to ‘calm the skin that was irritated due to the day’s irregular schedule.’ We have to give a break to our skin, a kind of detox from all the aggressions she suffered from during the day due to stress and external environment.

She picked sum:37’s White Award Bubble-De Mask as her favorite skin detox cosmetic product. It creates extremely fine bubbles that eliminate wastes and pollution substances in pores. It’s even more effective in leaving the skin bright and clear when used after basic washing.

She then insists using a product that reinforces elasticity or boosts moisturizing. There’s only one tool that can allow you to customize your skincare according to your skin’s condition on that day, and it’s mask packs.

Kim Bo Mi recommends SNP’s Animal Mask packs for their various and individual properties: the tiger mask provides anti-wrinkle care and elasticity reinforcement, the panda mask whitens the skin tone, the otter mask focuses on supplying moisture to the skin while the dragon mask soothes and controls the sebum-moisture of the skin’s layers. After a tiring day, these masks also have the charms to add fun to the routine.

▶ Daily Care

Daily care is here to boost the skin’s abilities before makeup. The more steps you go through, the less effective in maintaining the makeup intact, so keep in mind that you need to find the simplest yet most moisturizing routine.

The first step is to apply Lancôme’s Hydra Zen Neocalm Gel Essence on the entire face and to help the product penetrate the skin after cleaning with a lotion. This product reaches the deep layers of the skin and is famous for providing moisture in abundance.

Supplying moisture is a thing but keeping it in the skin is another. That’s why facial oil can’t be missed out of basic skincare. Bad oil can melt the makeup so it’s necessary to carefully pick the product.

Kim Bo Mi chose Konad’s Lila Lily Dorothy Facial Dry Oil, which provides the freshness that beauty lovers are expected during the SS15 season. It’s light yet creates a protective film over the skin that prevents the moisture from leaving. It also helps flaunting a glowing skin tone.

To complete her daily skincare, Kim Bo Mi does not forget to take care of her lips. Mo matter how perfect the skin looks, what really completes a look is smooth, flawless lips.

A rich essence and a scrub, that’s what too cool for scool’s Check Maybe Baby Lip offers for clean lips. It’s a must-have item to apply before makeup. The gel-type scrub eliminates dead cells while the essence protects lips. (photos by sum:37, Konad, SNP, too cool for school, Lancôme)

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