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Star Style Report at Events

[by Oh Ara] As the weather gets warmer gradually, spring has also come to the fashion of stars. They changed their heavy outer garments and added vitality with light clothing.
Events are where you can see the styles of celebrities. Three of them caught our eyes amid flashes of cameras.

They are actress Seo Young-hee who visited an event after a long time, Kim Yoo-jung who showed a cute and lively street look, and Song Ji-eun from girl group Secret who showed her own black and white fashion with lovely charm.

Even though spring comes and the seasons change, you come to worry over what to wear and how to wear it. What are the points of the looks stars took out from their SS15 wardrobe?

>>> Chic Mix And Match, Actress Seo Young-Hee

Actress Seo Young-hee came to an event after a long interval. She stood in front of the photo wall boasting her unique fashion sense.

She wore a sweatshirt with unusual color prints and a denim coat, holding a tote bag in neon colors. She also gave a point to her fashion with circular sunglasses. The mix and match of her style, shoes, and bag is chic and impressive.

A sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers are also expected to win a steady popularity this spring, following the last season. Warm outer clothing is essential as it is still cold. It would be good also to match a long coat like Seo Young-hee did. If the design of your coat or overgarment is ordinary, pick a more impressive patterns or colors for your sweatshirt or knitwear.

>>> Adorable Street Look, Actress Kim Yoo-Jung

Actress Kim Yoo-jung who is getting prettier every day also attended an event. She showed a lovely street fashion with a black printed T-shirt, a white long skirt, and a beanie hat.

A long skirt is what you take out from your closet first when it gets warmer as it can present a different atmosphere according to the item you match with and it is comfortable too.

If you want to stress on your feminine emotions, wear knitwear or shirts in black or navy color along with ankle socks and sneakers or running shoes.

If you still feel cold, it would look beautiful to match an over-sized blouson, a field jacket, or a thicker pullover.

>>> Feminine Look, Song Ji-Eun From Secret

Song Ji-eun staged a cute and feminine style with a sweatshirt with distinctive prints, a black skirt, and black sneakers. Women most frequently match a sweatshirt with a skirt.

If you want to create a cute and vivacious feeling, it would be great to use a suspender skirt along with knee socks. A black skirt is the most easy and basic item. It would make you look much more feminine if worn along with a striped knitwear or T-shirt.
(photo by LeShop, bntnews DB)

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