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“Simple, Elegant, and Sexy”… Celebrities’ Black and White Look

[by Yang Wanseon] It was at the VIP premiere of the movie ‘The Avian Kind’ in Megabox, COEX, in Samsung-dong on February 23rd. As is the case with many public events during this time of the year, many idol stars and actors/actresses who attended this event showed off their spring fashion styling.

The similarity between actress Min Song-ah, Jea of Brown Eyed Girls, and Dasom of Sistar is that they all used black and white to express their identity. They used the same colors but used different styling techniques to stand out among many celebrities.

If we study their styling characterized by kitschness, feminineness, sexiness, and chicness, we will be able to stand out as well wherever we go for the upcoming spring.   

▶ Actress Min Song-ah – Kitsch & Feminine Look With a White Line

Min Song-ah, who is both an actress and an artist, showed off a feminine styling with a black dress. She expressed her identity by adding kitschness and elegance with a white line and gold buttons.

A dress is a good outfit to express feminineness and, when matched with a white outfit, it can create a simple fashion style that stands out. If you add a fashion item like a unique patterned bag, you can also display kitschness.

Gold is a color good for showing elegance. By adding gold buttons to a simple black look, you can create an elegant and luxurious fashion. It is also a good idea to add a beige or white scarf or hat.

▶ Jea of Brown Eyed Girls – Black & White Look that Shows Sexiness

Jea of Brown Eyed Girls wore a see-through black dress to complete a sexy look. The ‘white’ part of the ‘black & white’ fashion was her sleeves and collar. Her black & white look was not only sexy but also cute.

A see-through white knit dress is good for highlighting one’s figure and is therefore perfect for a sexy look. You can match it with black leggings or stockings for slimmer-looking legs.

A dress like Jea’s that has a white collar and sleeves can also become a school look depending on its design. If you choose a dress with a flared miniskirt design, you will look student-like cute but also sexy at the same time.

▶ Dasom of Sistar – Chic and Feminine Black & White Look

Dasom of Sistar showed off a chic and feminine black and white look with a grey single coat, white blouse, and a black dress. She added elegance and cuteness with a purse with elegant gold chains and cute tassel ropers.

Outfits made with fur are also worn often as outwears during winter for more elegant looks. Therefore, if you wear dark-colored fur jackets and slacks together, you can look chic and stylish.

Simple black blousons are especially loved during spring and fall. If you match a black blouson, black skinny jeans, and black sunglasses for chicness and add a white T-shirt, you can create a nom core look that looks as stylish as effortless.
(Photo by: Stylenanda, bntnews DB)

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