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Answering Your Questions about Blush Makeup!

[by Koo Hyejin] Spring, the refreshing season, is here.

Spring, when everything comes alive again, is upon us, and women’s makeup is also changing with the season. Women are buying romantic and sweet color makeup items along with blush makeups of all kinds for a lively and bright face line.

Blush makeups do wonders by providing vitality to a dull face and making a round face look slimmer. We will now answer your questions about blush makeups in this article.

How Do I Choose My Color?

When you are choosing a blush, you need to check whether your skin tone is warm or light. You can do this by putting a coral or a pink blush next to the back of your hand and choosing the one that looks brighter. If you have a warm tone, coral colors look better and if you have light skin, pink colors look better.

If your face has a yellow tone, pick orange or coral. But if your face is pale, pick a pink color with a high chroma. If you have a pale skin with a reddish tone, pick a warm pink color with an orange tone. If your skin tone is dark and cool, choose pink, and if your skin tone is dark and warm, choose coral.

What Are Some Blush Types?

Powder blush is the most convenient type for beginners. You cannot go wrong with it. Cream or liquid type blush adds moisture to dry skin and is suitable for glossy makeup. There is also a tint type blush but since it is difficult handle, we recommend that only makeup experts use it.

How do I Apply Blush?

It is important for blush makeup to complement your facial shape. If you have an egg-shaped face, apply it by lightly making circles on your cheeks. If you have a round face, think of it as drawing a diagonal from your ears to your nose.

If you have an angular face apply blush widely from your nose to your ears so that the upper part of your face draws attention. If you have a long face, you can apply blush horizontally to complement it. Beware; applying blush diagonally can make your face look longer.

Editor’s Picks

1. 3 CONCEPT EYES PINK BOLD BLUSH  This is a dome type face blusher whose color stays clear and fresh even after re-applying. It adheres to skin well and is long-wearing. It does not get erased for a long time.

2. 3 CONCEPT EYES CREAM BLUSHER This is a cream blusher that is creamy and silky. It provides vitality to your cheeks with soft gloss and has a good durability.

3. 3 CONCEPT EYES LIP&CHEEK This is a powdery lip & cheek item that makes your skin lively. This fixed the stickiness of cream type blushers. It changes into a powdery blush when applied on skin, providing a light application. (photo by: Stylenanda 3 CONCEPT EYES, bntnews DB)

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