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Nine Muses That Shines Even Brighter on Stage vs. 4Minute, Grooming Analysis

[By Lee Sein] Girl groups that show off their dazzling bodylines and fluffy smooth skin. These qualities became definite must haves for Korean girl groups. From there, aptitude and talent draws the dividing line as to who triumphs over another.

Nine Muses and 4Minute are both currently active girl groups. These girls, with each of their unique charms, are captivating the hearts of many fans within the world of singers.  

Let’s look at their Bling-Bling style and stage makeup that brightens them even more when they are on stage.


As much as they said that ‘sexiness is something that is smeared on,’ Nine Muse is a representative sexy girl group. With their title piece ‘Drama’ they went on captivating men’s hearts. With the nickname of Modeldol (model idol), they chose to wear micro-pants that intensifies their shapely legs and stimulate men’s fantasies by embezzling with belts and ribbons for details.  

4Minute came back with their cover title ‘Crazy.’ Their punky and yet sexy stage makes it hard for you to take your eyes off the screen. They properly showed off the punky/sexy concept with  checked, leather outers, and bold accessories.


Both Nine Muse and 4Minute chose a smoky makeup. Nine Muse’s Kyung Ri did a curved bangs and a cat eye makeup, showing off her uniquely sexy charm. Kyung Ri put emphasis on her eye makeup and gave her skin a matt and gorgeous feel, boosting her sexiness.  

4Minute did a makeup that reminds us of the ‘Sen Sisters.’ They put on a pointy upward eyebrows and a sharp hued eye shadow. Moreover, they fully boosted volume on their eye lashes. With burgundy lips, they showed off the image of a strong woman.  

√ Editor’s Pick Items

1.  ‘Nars Velvet Matt Lip Pencil’ – It is a jumbo-sized lip pencil that is easy to use and carry. Its main feature is its rich color and smooth velvety finish. It gives off a non-dry creamy texture.
2.  ‘Bobbi Brown Lip & Eye Palette’ – From natural colors to metallic pearls, this palette is divided into two layers and is composed of eight kinds of varied textured and colored eye shadows and eight different lipsticks that can go with any skin tone. With colors that can be easily matched, its key feature is that a range of makeup styles can be done from neutral daily makeup looks to a glamorous party look.

3. ‘Daycell Machihyun 10% Calming Ampoule’ – An item that is effective in moisture care. It is also excellent for trouble care, making it useful for girl groups that frequently have irregular menstrual cycles. It is effective for sensitive, stressed, and dried out skin.

4. ‘Neogen Gold Black Caviar Essence’ – With a moisture level of 99.5% and with 71 different kinds of naturally cured component, it is a luxurious, highly nutrient, highly enriched, caviar pack. It is a pack favored by many ‘female actresses’ as it comes with a new way of wiping using gold pads.  

(Photo by: Daycell, Neogen, Bobbi Brown, and Nars)

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