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SU:M 37 Model Han Hyo Joo – Three Steps to Get Her Skin

[By Shin Hyun Jeong] Han Hyojoo has an unadorned innocent look. She is one of the stars that thrilled and satisfied men’s first love image since her first debut. In her recent movie, ‘C’est si Bon’ she made that image of first love more real.

The best contributor to Han Hyo Joo’s royal image is obviously her china-like skin. Her clear and pure skin is well acknowledged even within the world of artists. People comment that even without any color makeup, her skin shines without a single blemish, looking smooth and clear.

Is her skin an inborn gift? It is the result of consistent efforts to keep the three keywords of ‘skin detox’, ‘moisture replenish’, and ‘skin adherence’ makeup at a high level.

STEP1. Skin Detox

It has been introduced before that for her skin care, she puts a lot of efforts in a meticulous cleansing.

It is the key here to reduce irritation on skin but at the same time make sure that no makeup and dirt remains. In order to achieve this, it is good to use a mask pack to go over the ‘skin detox’ step.  

Masks are usually considered to provide moisture and add certain effects on skin. However, in here, an all in one mask that removes all the fine dirt that covers the skin surface and at the same time provides moisture must be used.

RECOMMENDED: ‘White Award Bubble-De Mask’
This is a wash off type that discharges all the dirt from inside the pores by producing fine bubbles on the skin surface. It is effective for skin detox. It is a two in one item that makes the skin clear and energetic and, at the same time, calms it down for comfort.

▶ STEP2. Moisture Replenish Through The Skin

Replenishing the skin with moisture after detox is a short cut way to getting a clear skin. This is something everyone knows. However, there are many products that, instead of supplying moisture, just create a layer to prevent moisture from leaving. It is due to the product’s overdose of chemical content.

As a result, in order to get a skin like that of Han Hyo Joo’s, we must look at the contents of the product. A natural product that is skin friendly and absorptive must be chosen. For true moisture replenishment, the components of the product must be analyzed.

: ‘Secret Programming Essence’
It is an essence that, with a non-sticky texture, gives  moisture deep through the skin, helping one have a moist, shiny, and gorgeous skin. It gives one back a healthy skin as it contains 80 different kinds of naturally fermented plant components that works through it.

▶ STEP3. Thin And Clear Face Makeup

Our official statue Han Hyo Joo’s makeup is always clear as if nothing was put on her face. An advanced makeup that is put on after taking care of the skin’s foundational step well allows the skin to shine it natural luster.

It is a must to choose a product that can be spread on the face lightly and to gently pat the surface for better absorbance. It is an excellent finish up to put on a coral colored lip and to add here a skin colored and brown toned eye shadow to give effect.

RECOMMENDED: ‘Air RisingTF Glow Cover Metal Cushion’
It is an item that gives off a lively lustrous skin finish. It applies with a puff and has a great covering that reveals skin’s natural wellness. It also has a quality that makes the first luster of the morning last until nighttime.    

(Photo by: SU:M 37, bntnews DB)

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