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2015 S/S Season Beauty Trend Check Up

[By Shin Hyun Jeong] The Point Of S/S15 Trend Makeup Is The ’No Makeup Look’

We can see the ‘clear face makeup look’ as a defining characteristic among various cosmetic shows. ‘At Dior, a particular trend leader, they drew the attention  to a pure feminine-like sensitivity. Colorful and bright makeup used to be on spotlight every spring, but this year it has shifted to nude tones.

Various cosmetic brands are releasing new makeup products that are near nude tones and the nude trend is competitively forming. So what are our makeup tips?

▶ Eye, Lip, And Nail. What’s Not The Point Is The Point

If it was the thing to give emphasis by using neon or pastel colors on eyes, lips, and nails in the past, this year, it is essential to use achromatic hues like beige and ivory to the max.

For eye makeup, you need a technique that uses achromatic shades to put a subtle shadow that brings vividness. Moreover, try to present a three dimensional face by using products that are near skin tone but have a glossy brilliance to them.

This also applies to lipstick colors. The lip, that used to be the focus of the face at all times, will be trendy once in harmony with the skin as a whole. N Company, previously known for producing colorful eye catching products, recently released ‘caramel nude’ lip product. Now you just need to present a thick lip look instead of a colored one.

You must also not forget your nails. Professional nail brand company K advised that “it is good to make the natural color of the nail look healthier by using a natural soft pink, or nude beige toned nail polish.’

▶ Face ‘Clear Lively Contour’

Since the lip, eye, and nail color are lightened, the skin tone must most definitely look clear and light. This must be done to the extent that finishing the makeup on the skin is not an exaggeration.

For a light and clear skin expression, it is a short cut to focus on skin contour. Put on a moist base and a primer to add to the facial contour and put some concealer on blemished areas to add to the contour. It would be a good idea to follow artist Soo Hyun, who is B Company’s official model and put on her a ‘natural makeup.’

However, there is a limit to maintaining a lively skin look just with a primer and a concealer. It’s recommended to lightly use a CC Cushion to maintain the contour made in the first place.

S Company is a brand known for its naturally fermented component products. A spokesperson from the brand said, “the smooth and elegant makeup of this spring will depend on how long lasting the contouring will be.”(Photo by: SU:M 37, Konad, Nars, Bobbi Brown)

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