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[bnt interview] Boyfriend Welcomes You To Its ‘Wonderland’

[by Woorim Ahn] Boyfriend is back with their fourth mini album. The group’s name might not be familiar in Korea, but it is very popular all around the world. In addition, it planned its Latin America tour in upcoming May to meet its fans in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico.

To meet its fans, the group is back with a special concept – ‘Boyfriend in Wonderland’. The group who is about to celebrate the 5th anniversary of its debut, the group members had lots of things to talk about themselves to the mass public and visited bntnews to have a brief talk about their new album and their recent days.

When Boyfriend members came to bntnews for the interview, they appeared with their bare faces. Since they have shown mysterious images with thick makeups, it wasn’t familiar at the first place, but they were mischievous and friendly guys with politeness just like the others in their ages.

▶ What have you been up to?
Donghyun) After wrapping up our activities of ‘WITCH’, we successfully finished our concert and started to prepare for this new album. The members who had their individual schedules digested their own ones.

▶ Please briefly introduce about the fourth mini album.
Donghyun) We set a concept with ‘Alice in Wonderland’, so it might be better to say ‘Boyfriend in Wonderland’. The members became the characters of the story and appeared in the music video. The title song ‘Bounce’ has a catchy hook that everyone can sing along. Since this is something new for us to try, it might be fresh for the mass public.

▶ What did you think about your new concept ‘Boyfriend in Wonderland’ at the first place?

Youngmin) At first, I was so curious – how to digest it into our own ones. I thought about it over and over again, but as I got familiar with it, I actually became to like it, more likely to say I’m satisfied. Minwoo) I thought it was very fresh and I liked it. Since we have the specific concepts on the stage, we could express well about the songs and I thought the fans would like it.

▶ But actually, the concept is something new. So, I think there were some hardships while you accepted it into your own ones.  
Donghyun) Since it was a fairy tale, it was hard to express in the reality. So, we researched a lot about it and thought about items, and I think it raised the quality of the concept. Kwangmin) I thought the mass public might view the concept as a childish one. So, we tried to appeal our masculinity in the choreography and music video.

▶ The album jacket photos were pretty mysterious. What did you do to make such outcomes?
Hyunsung) Since there were so many unrealistic elements, I tried to express ‘fantasy’ into the pictures. The mood felt like dark, but at the same time, I thought it should be mysterious. Actually, I was the Alice in the jacket, but in the music video, I was the Cheshire Cat in the music video. Youngmin) In the previous albums, Kwangmin and I didn’t highlight that we are twins because the fans might not be able to distinguish us. Since it’s ‘Boyfriend in Wonderland’, we set a theme like ‘Tweedledum and Tweedledee’ to highlight the twin concepts. It’s like ‘family power’! Kwangmin) I think we can show our own characters and appeal the new concept.

▶ What concept does Boyfriend want to pursue?
Jungmin) When we just debuted, we had images like pretty boys. However, as we grew up, we wanted to show some steps of being adults from boys. We gradually changed and made our own concepts. From now on, I think we can challenge for new concepts like ‘Sensual Idol’.

▶ There should be some important tracks in the new album. What are they?
Donghyun) It’s the fifth track ‘Lost Memory’. Jungmin and I were inspired by movie ‘Eternal Sunshine’, so we participated in writing melody and lyrics of the song. We will sing this song at the first stage of our comeback. Minwoo and Kwangmin also joined to make rap lyrics, so it is a song truly of Boyfriend.

▶ I think you are gradually participating more in your albums. What are your plans?
Donghyun) Jungmin and I are planning to produce our own albums. It was something that I wanted to do. Hopefully the days will come soon. Jungmin) From the next album, the fans can listen to my own song (smile). Minwoo) Jungmin and Donghyun are studying for composing right now. Since I debuted as a child actor when I was young, so I want to build my acting careers as well and reach to the mass public.

▶ It’s getting almost the 5th anniversary of your debut. How do you feel like?

Hyunsung) I can’t believe it’s been five years already. As much as we were active, we were on a 1-year-and-half hiatus. Since we did too many activities outside of Korea, we will try to meet our fans in Korea. Donghyun) I have a different opinion with Hyunsung. Actually, when we go to broadcasting companies for music programs, our turns are located in the back. Since there are more juniors than seniors, they always come to our waiting room and say hi first. When I see this, I felt like it’s been much time passed since our debut. In addition, as the leader of the group, when the members speak well during interviews, I’m so proud of them because they were like babies to me.

▶ What are your goals?
Hyunsung) Out of everything, I want to take more parts as a vocalist. Since I’m the main vocal of the group, the desire comes to me. Youngmin) Same here. I want to include my solo song in the album. Personally, I want to do collaboration work with IU. Donghyun) For me, I want to make more songs for the group. In addition, since I’m currently playing a role in musical, I want to show my acting ability to the mass public. Minwoo) I want to act and be featured with other vocalists. I don’t mind the genres, I was featured in Junggigo’s ‘Too Good’ and it was meaningful to me. Jungmin) I think it’s important for Boyfriend to find its own musical colors. I will produce the group’s next album! Kwangmin) Our members haven’t exposed to variety programs, so I wish we can appear in various programs and appeal our charms.

▶ What are the Boyfriend’s own musical colors?
Jungmin) We’ve shown songs with fantasy concepts. Donghyun and I want to make songs that everyone can sympathize with, so for it, we pour everything on the lyrics. I think it would be good if we sing the songs that can easily reach to the mass public.

▶ For the Latin America tour, why did you choose those four (Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico) out of many other countries in Latin America?
Donghyun) Maybe we received comparatively more love calls from them? (laugh) Jungmin) We once held our showcase in Chicago and Dallas. At that time, many fans from Mexico and Brazil came to see us, so I think that became the trigger.

▶ Bolivia sounds unfamiliar for Koreans. What did you think about this?
Donghyun) Actually it was for me as well, so I researched about the country. I heard the country is located at high altitude, so people feel like running although they just walk. I think it will be hard for us to perform in the country, but it’s still exciting to meet the fans.

▶ What were the fans’ reactions when you announced the Latin America tour?
Donghyun) The local fans really loved the news. They sent lots of feedbacks through SNS and Internet. But, Korean fans are worried about our health and others, since we will fly over too far.

▶ What do you want to say to the Latin America fans?
Kwangmin) Thank you for loving us although you’re on the opposite side of Korea. We will repay as much as you love us. Jungmin) I’m trying my best to show the best performances in Latin tour, so it will be good for you to expect! Minwoo) Honestly, I never knew you would love us this much. I wish I can see you and enjoy the moments together. Donghyun) I really wanted to see you and satisfy you with the best performances. Youngmin) Since the Latin America is full of passion, I want to enjoy the passionate concerts. Hyunsung) We will be there soon, just wait for us.

▶ What is your ultimate goal for the new album? And what is your pledge for the first place?
Donghyun) I wish we can make the best year in 2015. If we are placed on the first for the music program, we will wear Hanbok for the airport fashion to spread Korea’s traditional beauty. (photo by Starship Entertainment)

Contact: news@bntnews.co.uk

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