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It-Beauty-Items inside Actress Bae Seul Gi’s Pouch

[by Song Eun Ji] Women are always curious about the beauty items that beautiful and perfect stars love.

Bae Seul Gi is recently receiving the spotlight for unveiling a few it-items she has in her pouch. Bae Seul Gi first debuted as a singer, then extended her career into acting and is now back with a first Chinese single entitled ‘Liked’ and that is already popular in China.

What are Chinese and Korean girls’ wannabe star’s favorite beauty items?

Bae Seul Gi’s it-item #1
Too cool for school’s DINOPLATZ U.F.O MULTIBOX

“As a celebrity, I know that no matter when and where I go, there will be people recognizing me. That’s why always wearing makeup is necessary. When I am meeting a friend or going somewhere really close, I wrap up my makeup within ten minutes thanks to that multibox. I am sure you’re fall for if you try it.”

The product Bae picked as her first it-item is too cool for school’s DINOPLATZ U.F.O MULTIBOX. It includes a BB foundation, a pore eraser, a concealer and a lip&cheek product to complete a perfect makeup look within minutes. The actress said that this multibox also considerably lightened her makeup pouch.

Bae Seul Gi’s it-item #2
Avène’s Thermal Spring Water

“My skin is rather dry. Every time it’s tearing, I supply it with moisture using a mist. I help the mist penetrate by lightly tapping on my face and it suddenly becomes moisturized again.”

The mist that was inside Bae Seul Gi’s pouch was Avène’s Thermal Spring Water. This mist contains pure and clean thermal spring water to soothe the skin while providing moisture. Bae said that she resorts to this item every time she feels her skin is dry or tired from a busy schedule.

Bae Seul Gi’s it-item #3
Isoi’s Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum

“As an actress, I pay much attention to my skin, it has to be clean. That’s why I use the ‘trace serum’ every morning and night. It contains Bulgarian Roise oil so it has a fascinating rose scent.”

The product that Bae Seul Gi never forgets to apply on mornings and nights is isoi’s Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum, or ‘trace serum’. It contains extra fine Bulgarian Rose oil and other natural ingredients so it does not irritate nor stimulate the skin. It moisturizes, soothes and evens skin tone.

Bae Seul Gi’s it-item #4
KICHO’s Phyto Natural Moisture Cream

“As I have a dry skin, a moisture cream is one of the products that never leave my pouch. I like creams that are rich yet does not leave a sticky feeling at the end, and KICHO’s moisturizing cream checks all my requirements so I really love it. Plus, it does not contain any harmful ingredients so it’s very safe.”

Bae Seul Gi’s favorite moisture cream is KICHO’s Phyto Natural Moisture Cream. It’s a natural cream that contains 7 mixed ingredients as well as gemmules extracted from germinating soybeans so it does not irritate the skin. The luxury texture perfectly adheres to the skin to provide great moisturizing, whitening, and wrinkle-care.

Bae Seul Gi’s it-item #5
SK-II’s Stempower Eye Cream

“You happen to pay attention to wrinkles as you grow up. It’s painful enough to see one or two lines around the eyes… so I recently started taking care of my eyes with an eye cream.”

One of the main common concerns that all women share is ‘eye wrinkles’. Bae Seul Gi recently started treating her eye area with SK-II’s Stempower Eye Cream. The actress stressed on the use of the brand’s magnetic eye-stick to help penetrate the product for a better effect. (photos by too cool for school, isoi, KICHO, Avène, SK-II, bnt news DB)

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