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[bnt world March's 8-Unit Project ④] 5 Best Items on Bride-to-Be’ Beauty Check List

[by Shin Hyun Jung] From So Yi Hyun to Lee Yoon Ji and Maybee, or Tang Wei, who even went for a global marriage, 2014 was full of wedding news for female stars. They did everything to match the most beautiful and happiest moment of their life.

And they naturally became other bride-to-be’s role models. At the center of the stage in the wedding hall, a bride is particularly interested in prior beauty care. They can get ready at ease by taking these five ideas we got from those beautiful stars who are also wives.

Moisturizing Care with KICHO’s Phyto Natural Moisture Cream

The clear makeup of a bride expresses purity, and a moisturized skin is a requirement. If you’re a bride-to-be, you should start by creating a moisture base from the inside. We recommend KICHO’s Phyto Natural Moisture Cream.

This item is very effective in delivering moisture to the deepest layers of skin. Its 7-natural ingredients patented formula contains fermented beans, willow extracts, cinnamon, oregano, Japanese cypress, machihyun and gold, and it presents an amazing affinity with skin. The gemmule extracted from the germinating beans helps preserve moisture for long hours.

Anti-aging care with Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair

Every bride-to-be wants to flaunt a firm and fresh face on her wedding day, probably the most important day of her life. If you want to bring this ideal into reality, you need to focus on anti-aging care before D-day. You can receive the help of Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair.

Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair contains highly-nourishing ingredients and is already considered an anti-aging steady seller. It’s a product that can’t be taken off the bride care routine. It repairs damaged skins and boosts elasticity, eliminates dull tone and even visible signs of aging.

Whitening and Tightening care with G.I.B’s Premium Placenta Cream

One of the requirements for the bride to shine on her wedding day is to flaunt a pure and white skin tone that recalls the immaculate dress. It’s great to combine whitening and skin-evening care. G.I.B’s Premium Placenta Cream is a high-end item that creates a milky white skin through whitening and tone-evening.

It contains niacin, the source ingredient of skin whitening, to brighten dull skins. Moreover, Salmon roe extracts rich in omega-3 and galactomyces fermented ultrafiltrate tighten skin and gives vitality to the tone.

Calming care with SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence

A bride-to-be needs an item that can calm their skin that was irritated by cosmetic surgeries and treatments before their wedding. It means that the skin care procedure does not stop when you go out of the salon. SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence was picked as an effective skin soothing essence.

This product contains at least 90% of ‘pitera’, a special yeast that was found out after years of yeast study and that helps restoring the skin’s genuine strength. It also helps recovering the skin’s regeneration rhythm as it easily breaks during that time. A clear skin texture, a bright skin tone are the promises of that essence.

Face and décolleté care with DARPHIN’s Aromatic Care Oil

A wedding dress does not only show the face but also what’s next: the cleavage. Bride-to-be beauty care is not only for the face but goes down the neck and collarbones. You must massage this area with an oil for a great esthetic care. The best item for that is DARPHIN’s Aromatic Care Oil.

It contains aroma extracts to clean and calm the skin form the face to the décolleté area. The formula is similar with skin lipids so it’s good to fix the oil-moisture balance and to create a natural glow on skin. (photos by KICHO, G.I.B, Estée Lauder, SK-II, DARPHIN, bnt news DB)

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