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The Styling Points Of Hwang Jeong Eum in ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’

[by Oh Ara] Hwang Jeong Eum has appeared! Actress Hwang Jeong Eum has been grabbing the attention of many viewers in the MBC drama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ with her talented acting skills playing the role of a fun and unstoppable character.

Besides her nickname ‘Loco Queen’ she has the reputation of being able to sell everything she wears: Hwang Jeong Eum’s whole outfits become the number one searched keywords online as well as being sold out in stores the next day.

Let’s examine the style of Oh Li Jin, the fun and joyful psychiatric doctor that Hwang Jeong Eum plays. From simple office looks to radiant styles using pastel-toned knits, cardigans and coats, how about trying the Hwang Jeong Eum look this spring?

Style1.  Simple Looks For Premier Events

Hwang Jeong Eum faced the camera with a simple look for the premiere event of the drama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’. With a white shirt, cobalt blue colored A-line skirt and beige stiletto heels, she was able to portray a simple style.

Although her top, bottoms and her shoes were all basic items, she was able to convey an actress-like image and received the spotlight without excessively dressing up.

The basic style that Hwang Jeong Eum portrayed can be considered as the hot office look for this spring. If the top is too plain, how about trying a voluminous blouse or chiffon styled shirt rather than a jersey shirt? Using accessories such as rings to add a styling point to a simple outfit is also a good styling tip.

Style2. Cardigans And Knits

Hwang Jeong Eum showed various bright colored cardigan styles. Cardigans are good to wear under a thick jacket as well as comfortable home-wear and are a must-have in spring season.

A radiant yellow-colored cardigan or polka dot patterned cardigan can be used to present various looks. Thick and long cardigans can create a comfy and feminine look.

Basic cardigans worn with jackets or coats should have polka dot patterns or be colorful rather than monotone in order to make the look more stylish.
Knit items are a must-have as well. Colorful knits, denim and sneakers make a comfortable and trendy Normcore look. On chilly days, wearing a light canvas jacket or outer over a knitted item can create a cool look.

Style.3 Office Look

Hwang Jeong Eum has coordinated clean and simple office looks using various blouses, pants and jackets. With her glasses, shoulder bag and hair pin, her unique and joyful character was expressed well through her plain and simple office look.

Because it is too cold to wear just a blouse and a jacket, how about wearing a jacket and pants along with a long coat and muffler?

Rather than a dull black or grey jacket, how about trying a striped patterned jacket? The word is going around that this spring, striped patterns are a must-have so it is good to have at least one striped item.
(photo by: LeShop, MBC drama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ captures, bntNews DB)

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