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Celebrity Fashion Styles For The “Flower-Blooming Spring Season”

[by Yang Wan Sun] March has come to let us know that spring has started. Flowers, school and warmth are only a few of the anticipated key words that spring reminds us of. Fashion is not an exception. ‘Spring edition’ items that express vividness, elegance and sexiness to welcome the upcoming season are starting to be launched.

Every time the season changes, celebrities have one concern. Their concern lies in presenting a new trend. For fashionistas who start their own fashion trends, all of their outfits for official events and occasions become the center of attention causing them to become more conscious of what they wear.

Actresses Jung Ryeo Weon, Soo Hyun and entertainer Park Eun Ji are all stars known for their sense of fashion. They show unique fashion styles such as avant-garde looks, feminine looks and sexy looks.

▶ Actress Jung Ryeo Weon – Black & White Avant-garde Look

Avant-garde fashion refers to radical styles that are usually created by mixing boxy styling with classic styles. Actress Jung Ryeo Weon was able to create an avant-garde style fashion by coordinating a boxy white-colored jacket with wide black pants and white sneakers.

The simple matching of black with white is a plain and common combination but is a cool styling tip that allows an outfit to stand out anywhere. If a white colored top and pants were worn together, it is good to use black items such as a long black coat, black sunglasses or black bag as an additional point to the look.

If a lovely look was created with a white colored feminine dress, an oversized black rider jacket can be matched with it. The two contrasting styles collaborate to create a mix-match look.

▶ Actress Soo Hyun—Feminine Look Made With All White

Actress Soo Hyun was able to use a feminine white dress, white jacket and white sandals to create an ‘all white look’. In addition, her jacket was just worn on her shoulders to create an elegant and feminine look.

White symbolizes things such as innocence and purity and is, therefore, commonly used to create feminine looks. If a loosely-fitted long white dress is worn, a feminine look that appears soft and comfy can be portrayed.

If a white dress that is transparent is worn, a lovely charm can be added on to the feminine look. At this point, wearing black sandals may help create a styling point to the look, as well as red lips.

▶ Entertainer Park Eun Ji—Sexy Black See-Through Look

Entertainer Park Eun Ji showed off her sexy charm by wearing a black dress with a see-through point. The dress that she wore was a mini dress that showed off her toned leg-line while allowing her to accentuate her collarbone and thin arms.

If a black-colored mini dress with unique patterns is worn, a sexy look with an added kitsch element can be created. Also, coordinating the outfit with unique framed sunglasses can help accentuate the kitsch aspect, creating a ‘sexy & kitsch’ look.

If wearing the see-through style that Park Eun Ji wore is uncomfortable in daily life, choosing items that are see-through only on the arms is a good recommendation as well. As a fashion that is sexy and not too exposed, it is a fashion style that can steal the hearts of many males during Spring.
(photo by: STYLENANDA, bntNews DB)

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