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Men Bloom Flowers

[By Shin Hyun Jeong] Other new male stars are emerging, following the paths of Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho who are now top stars not only in Korea but also throughout Asia. Artists like Ji Chang Wook, Song Jae Rim, Seo Gang Jun, Park Seo Joon etc, are the stars ‘chosen’ by the public who is searching for new faces to put to fill the empty seat of a top star.

Actor Ji Chang Wook was not only described as a handsome boy from the KBS Drama ‘Healer,’ but was also acknowledged to possess great acting skills. Song Jae Rim on the other hand gained popularity by showing off the image of a naive guy through the MBC show ‘We Got Married.’ Seo Gang Jun and Park Seo Joon are also attracting the audience’s attention by being active in various shows.  

Although each of them is showing off an impression that is different from each other, they have a commonality of gaining popularity among the whole public. This common factor they have is becoming 2015’s ideal male standard. The style of having smooth and milky skin together with tall height, which harmonizes both femininity and masculinity, has become a must have for a good-looking man.

STEPS In Skin Care To Become More Beautiful Than Women

STEP1 Taking The Good Approach, Knowing The Difference Between Male and Female Skin
Male skin is thicker than female skin. This is because there is a difference in collagen composition based on hormones. The male hormone, testosterone, facilitates the collagen formation and thus increases the amount of collagen, making the skin thicker. The male skin also has a higher level of moisture evaporation and sebum production. It is destined to produce more dead skin cells and end up having larger pores. Having to shave often also affects the skin.   

STEP2 Lessening The Steps and Concentrating On Providing Moisture
It is good to finish up with a watery moisture providing treatment, essence or gel lotion after putting on toner on a skin that can easily have large pores due to its thickness and excess sebum production. Adding more steps can be too much for the skin. Here you must choose an essence or a gel lotion that gives a fresh feeling and not the ones that’s oily or gluey. Basis care is all about ‘consistency,’ so it is best to avoid disagreeable components.

STEP3 Not Forgetting Special Care After Shaving

Sometimes a special care is needed after shaving. It is to apply a product that can reduce inflammation on rough and red skin caused by the shave. Use after-shave balm wisely.

STEP4 Making A Perfectly Smooth Skin By Getting Rid Of The Blemishes
If you have achieved a clean skin with the basic makeup care, finish with a concealer that can closely cover up your blemishes to get a milky-white skin. It is good for people who consider BB cream to be too heavy. Use a stick type concealer that is closest to your own skin color. Put the concealer on your finger and dab it on your face while spreading it to get rid of the defining lines. This will allow you to naturally cover up your blemishes.

▶Recommended Items:

01 SK-ⅡMEN Facial Treatment Essence
This product is for smooth, lustrous, elastic, and even skin tone. It is a moisture treatment essence that gives a fresh feel for a long time without giving a gluey or oily feel as a result of its cooling agent component added especially for men. More than 90% is composed of Pitera.

SU:M37 Water-full Skin Refresher & Water-full Rebalancing Gel Lotion
It is a product that shows a fantastic combination of a skin toner that prepares the skin to absorb moisture and a gel lotion that provides moisture as if a water droplet spreads across the face. The fermented bamboo sap, which is fermented with three kinds of flowers, increases the skin’s moisture density.

03 Melvita After Shave Balm For Men
It is an after shave balm that provides moisture on rough reddish skin and even reduces inflammation due to its calendula and aloe component. The cypress nut component recovers the weary skin. It also has a delicate scent.

04 BOBBI BROWN Face Touch-up Stick
It is a stick concealer with a moist texture that easily spreads on. It is perfect for a natural look. It is good for carrying around and covering blemishes in an instant to portray smooth skin. (Photo by: SU:M37, SK-Ⅱ, Melvita, Bobby Brown, bntnews DB)

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