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There Is Something Special About Sports Stars’ Fashion

[by Yu Jung] Sports stars enhance national prestige in international competitions such as the Olympics or World Championships. The fashions they demonstrate in public meetings have recently become a hot issue.

Kim Yu Na who is acclaimed as a top class figure skater in the world has just ended the first chapter of her life as an athlete and is now searching for her new path. Son Yon Je, who is always mentioned with Kim Yu Na, is making remarkable achievements in rhythmic gymnastics, drawing high expectations from the public.  

With their national fame at its peak, Kim Yu Na and Son Yon Je are also grabbing the attention of fashion people at the same time. Many women are trying to follow their lifestyle by analyzing their casual fashion in private settings. Then, what is special about their fashion?

They Love Sneakers

Sneakers are the first fashion item Son Yon Je and Kim Yu Na cannot help but love. Sneakers have appeared in casual looks and various styles, which is not a small influence of sports stars.  

While sneakers in the past have been limited to sports wears in styling, the recent trend tends to be the opposite. 5 years ago, actor Kang Dong Won who is commonly known as Korea’s fashionista led the trend by wearing a pair of sneakers on his suit in a photo shoot catalogue.

It is obvious why sport stars love wearing sneakers. Among them, Kim Yu Na wears sneakers instead of uncomfortable high heels in public meetings, making female college students and women in their 20s apply that simple and comfortable sneaker fashion in real life.

Kim Yu Na is also a model  a Korean sportswear brand. It is known that she enjoys wearing shoes with static background color, shape, and point.

▶ Leggings, A Necessity Item For Athletes

Leggings, which drew popularity by satisfying both style and warmth at the same time in winter 2014, are also being selected by many women by presenting various trendy styles in 2015.

If you want a style that does not stand out too much, you should wear non-patterned leggings. Among them, black leggings emphasize thin legs. Single-color, non-patterned leggings are an item that Kim Yu Na has often worn in public events.  

Leggings boast comfort with its excellent elasticity and let wearers reveal their beautiful legs, so they are appreciated greatly by women. Recently, business women also enjoy wearing comfortable leggings as their work fashion.

An employee of BLJ Leggings that provide diverse leggings styles said: “Leggings can be easily matched with any shoes and can express stylish fashion if they are worn together with walking shoes or sneakers.” He then added a tip: “Leather leggings from BLJ Leggings can let you express your feminine and sexy look.”

BLJ Leggings presents different leggings products such as single-color leggings, knit leggings, leather leggings, and skirt leggings that can match well with many styles. Why don’t you try a leggings style if you want a sporty style this spring?
(Photo by: BLJ Leggings, bntnews DB)

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