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[BEST vs WORST] Who's The Victor of March's 2nd Week's Fashion Game?

[by Choi Soo Ji / Translated by Nawael Khelil] The fashion competition between stars is hot.

When attending events, they usually put on all-season items that will have an influence on what people really wear in the street.

Some stars are called ‘sold out girls’ because they have an influence on one brand’s sales, others spring into fame with one outfit, and some simply receive more attention. The relationship between celebrities and fashion is inextricable.

Bnt world’s fashion reporter objectively picked the best and worst looks of the previous week. But there’s no need to be sad or frustrated about the looks that were labelled ‘worst’. After all, it happens that you’re just ‘too far to be close’, and it does not break the feeling of intimacy and desire that you express.

Who are the hot victors and the poor vanquished of last week’s fashion game?

BEST1. T-ara’s representative fashionista, Hyo Min

Hyo Min has been flaunting an amazing fashion sense since her debut in T-ara, and this led her to being picked as the best dressed of last week. Hyo Min takes part to the designing process of T-ara’s stage outfits and she even run a shopping site during high school, proving that she has always been interested in fashion.

At the VIP premiere of musical ‘Agatha’, she was boasting a look that matched the current warming of temperatures. She matches straight denim jeans with a white tee and a formal black jacket while enhancing feminine charms with a pair of stilettos, a clutch and a natural makeup.

It can look plain, but that’s Hyo Min’s specialty: to perfectly flaunt a look of which the essence could be difficult to grasp for the uninitiated. She picks proper fits that matches her silhouette and match them into harmony to represent her title of T-ara’s fashionista.

We can only give Hyo Min a round of applause for her never-fading passion toward fashion and her great looks.

BEST 2. That’s ‘Boyfriend Fashion’, ZE:A’s Park Hyung Shik

The second best dressed of last week is ZE:A’s Park Hyung Shik, who also attended musical ‘Agatha’ VIP premiere.

In KBS 2TV’s drama ‘What’s With This Family’, as well as ‘Real Men’ baby soldier, Park Hyung Shik grabbed women’s heart with his vibrating man’s charms. That day, he matched a perforated ivory knit with a pair of black jeans, revealing a discreet yet classy black belt for the perfect ‘boyfriend look’ we all want our man to flaunt. By adding laced-up shoes, he enhanced his great taste.

If you’re a guy who’s considering date outfits for this spring, take a look at Park Hyung Shik’s fashion. What girls want is not something glittering but something classy, of great taste.

WORST 1. Seo Ji Suk dyed in orange

This year, Seo Ji Suk properly steps into variety after revealing his hidden entertaining skills in ‘The Law of the Jungle in Costa Rica’. He will be establishing his reputation through SBS Plus’ ‘4 Men’.

At the production conference of the show, he layered a beige tee with a tone-downed shirt and matched the whole thing with ton-on-ton pants and navy slip-ons. However, the orange coat is too strong, and is in the light of the separates. But this coat helped him matching the mood of the program with funny poses and charms - that was a success.

We can say that this look was predicting his sense of variety.

WORST 2. ‘We Got Married’ Kim So Eun’s excursion look

MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ heroine Kim So Eun was picked as our second’s worst dressed for last week after she attended H&M’s Time Square store’s opening event.

That day, she wore a python-printed dress with a light denim jacket, and completed her look with laced ankle sandals. It’s not weird, but too common; we can even say that it’s missing something.

Maybe she should have put on a slightly stronger smoky eye makeup and tied her hair into a ponytail, and taken off the denim jacket? Or maybe opting for a pair of sexier shoes would have been better? It would have expressed Kim So Eun’s unique femininity.

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