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Makeup Tool ‘Mix’ Knowhow

[by Shin Hyunjung] No matter how much beauty products develop, it is not easy to pick one single product that fits me. At least one thing is always missing when you care about various aspects such as color, type, durability, and adherence.

A solution to this concern is to ‘mix’ makeup products in a smart way. This is because you can maximize their effects as the functions of each product are mixed together. Accordingly, a process of finding the ultimate makeup combination among makeup artists and self-beauty lovers who do their own makeup is a trend recently.

Yet, there is no right answer; there is only an ideal way. We pass on a few mix tips, harbingers of spring. The rest is up to you. Undergo the process of discovering your own way after trials and errors.



‘Festival Gel Pencil Vivid’ of VDL features abundant and high-purity vivid color. If you use this as a base eye shadow instead of eyeliner, it will become a great item to increase the coloring and durability of the shadow.

Fill your eyes up to slightly above the double eyelid line with red kimono, pink more candy, orange sun kiss, and violet incredible. Then, spread them out gently with a soft blending sponge. For mono-lid eyes, apply the eye shadows up to the part where the shading can be seen by little.

After, put the ARTDECO eye shadow, which has a natural, shiny pearl, from the innermost part to the tip of the eyes more widely than the base of the gel pencil. Especially, if you combine VDL Festival Gel Pencil Vivid in Sun Kiss, ARTDECO Eye shadow in No. 22, and Incredible No. 396, you can create an atmospheric eye makeup that matches the bright spring season.  


‘Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Creamy Tint’ + ‘CHANEL ROUGE COCO SHINE’

The combination of shu uemura’s Rouge Unlimited Creamy Tint that has a clear coloring with a matt velvety texture and Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine that shines resplendently is surely fascinating. It can express all of the durability, coloring, and moistful texture of a lip makeup. 

First, lightly apply shu uemura’s Rouge Unlimited Creamy Tint that is as soft as velvet from the inner part to the outer part of your lips. Even only a few touches will dye your lips and give you an effect of as if a layer has been formed.

In addition, you can have natural glossiness if you put Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine, which melts like a lip balm with its softly covering texture, from the inside of your lips in a gradation. A sweet and sparkling lip point will revive.

A recommended color mix is Unlimited Creamy Tint’s OR 570 and Coco Shine’s No. 69 Flirt Color.


‘YVES SAINT LAURENT Baby Doll Kiss & Blush’ + ‘The Faceshop FACE IT Concealer’ + ‘KONAD Lila Lily Dorothy Facial Dry Oil’

Hurrying the application of a cheek product can ruin your makeup. Finding a vigorous look with the cheeks is determined by ‘luster,’ rather than color.

YVES SAINT LAURENT’s Baby Doll Kiss & Blush, which can be used on both the lips and cheeks, is an ‘it’ item to regain vitality with its sheen. However, it is important to add a natural gradation by mixing the blush with a little amount of concealer, so that your skin makeup and cheek point do not look too separate apart.

Also, add ‘luster’ by mixing Lila Lily Dorothy Facial Dry Oil with the concealer. The trend oil with a fresh feel enhances the adherence of the cheek product and presents a gentle water shine effect.(Photo by: KONAD, VDL, ARTDECO, Shu Uemura, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, The Faceshop, bntnews DB)

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