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‘Trendy Women,’ Kim Sung-Ryung And Lee Sung-Kyung’s Tips For Grooming

[by Lee Sein] MBC drama ‘Queen’s Flower’s ‘trendy women’ stars in each age group are actress Kim Sung-ryung and former model and actress Lee Sung-kyung. They boasted their firm existence at the production confernece of the drama as those who currently lead the trend.

Actress Kim Sung-ryung looked as if she was soon to go to a beach along the Indian Ocean with an impressive dress with tropical prints and a matching make-up. Lee Sung-kyung showed herself by presenting a chic and lovely feeling with a black dress.

Here is an analysis of these trendy actresses’ aura and grooming.

TROPICAL Kim Sung-Ryung

Actress Kim Sung-ryung expressed the S/S season with a tropical look. She staged herself strongly with a red dress which makes us want to walk around a sandy beach under the Sun. Her make-up and hair also make you imagine the beaches of the Indian Ocean. Her elastic skin, which seems to have been tanned, makes her look much younger. Here, the points are her cheeks in peach tone, neutral lips, and deep eyes.

Kim Sung-Ryung Make-Up Items Recommended By Editor

Horse oil cream brightens your skin as well as forms an oil film on your skin. It is actively recommended if you want Kim Sung-ryung’s young-looking face with elasticity.

2. LANCOME Grandiose Smudge Proof Mascara
Its stick is bent by 25 degrees for the first time among Lancome’s cosmetics. It touches even those eyelashes that have been out of reach before, presenting a clearer and more attractive curling.

3. Benefit Dandelion
It is a finishing powder that transforms your dark skin into a lovely tone. Thinly apply the powder on your face, and you can see your pretty skin tone like that of a doll.

CHIC & LOVELY Lee Sung-Kyung

A model’s long and superior body line and a lovely face. How could anyone not love her? She rapidly fascinated the general public’s with her acting skills and talents. And now, she is picked as the main female character of the drama.

Lee Sung-kyung, at the production presentation for ‘Queen’s Flower,’ expressed a perfect harmony of chic and adorable feelings with a sheer black dress and frills. She wore a cute make-up, which also emphasized her great features.

Lee Sung-Kyung Make-Up Items Recommended By Editor

This product covers blemishes on your skin, staging bright and clear skin tone. It is good for expressing a transparent and beautiful skin.  

2. NEOGEN CODE9 Black Volume Cream
A black volume cream that completes a voluminous skin with a three-step volume system that makes your loose skin tighter and more elastic. You must get this one if you want to showcase a skin with vitality, as its moisturizing effect lasts 50 hours and it contains 119 natural substances.

3. NARS All day Luminous Powder Foundation
Its delicate powder particles lightly stick to your skin to give a gentle light for 12 hours as well as keep your skin healthy by blocking ultraviolet rays.

4. SHU UEMURA Hard Formula
It does not agglomerate, and presents soft colors. Its Japanese dagger shape is the most efficient for drawing eyebrows. Even beginners can easily draw their eyebrows naturally with this one.

5. moonshot color moonwalk jelly pot
This multi-use water base jelly formula with a special pearl pigment provides clear colors.

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