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[bnt interview] Lee Won Geun, “How Are My Eyes?”

[by Oh Ara, translated by Sora Ghim] His round eyes turn into crescents after hearing the compliment, ‘You’re handsome.’ He has it all, tall height, sharp features and a deep voice.

Actor Lee Won Geun revealed hidden sides of himself that couldn’t be seen in dramas ‘The Moon Embraces The Sun,’ ‘Pure Love,’ ‘Passionate Love’ and ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ through a pictorial.

Transforming from a boy into a man in front of the camera, Lee Won Geun confidently goes from pose to pose. In the following interview, he answered well, smiling and laughing throughout.

Q. You are very busy now, right? It’s been a while since you shot a pictorial, how was it?
It was the first time shooting a pictorial with various concepts so it was fun.

Q. Your gaze has changed a lot since ‘The Moon Embraces The Sun’ in 2012. Can I say you’ve gotten more mature? What do you think has changed since then in acting?
At the beginning of my debut, I was a ‘noob’ that didn’t know anything (laughs). I think the thought of trying not to be awkward or make mistakes was big. However, as I continued to act, there was more time for me to think about and study the flow and emotions. I heard many times that my gaze got a lot better. Ha ha ha. But I’m still lacking a lot. I have to work harder.

Q. In the drama ‘Hyde Jekyll, Me’ you play a younger man who worries about and protects Han Ji Min. Do you know that lately you are popular with older women?
I’m popular with older women? (laughs) Since you say they like me, I’m very thankful.

Q. It seems you received a lot of love on set, how is it?
Maybe it’s because I’m the youngest so the seniors really take care of me. They give me a lot of advice and I’m really thankful for that. Everyone has a lot of filming and is busy but they even take care of the little things. Using this time, I want to thank my seniors (laughs).

Q. You played young ‘Woon’ in ‘The Moon Embraces The Sun,’ ‘Choi Joon Young’ in ‘Pure Love’ and currently, ‘Lee Eun Chang.’ You did various characters. Is your actual personality similar?
In reality, I’m on the serious side. I’m shy so I’m awkward when I first meet someone. I did get a lot better though as I started acting and doing activities. How bad must it have been if my nickname in high school was ‘old boy.’

Q. What do you think are your charms? Just looking at you, there’s a lot so shall we just choose 3?
It’s embarrassing to say my own charms out of my own mouth (after a lot of thinking), 3 is too much, I want to say my eyes. People have told me that my eyes are good for showing dynamic emotions.

Q. You gained attention for your sweet romance with Girl’s Generation Seohyun for ‘Passionate Love.’ In addition, you acted alongside Secret’s Song Ji Eun in web drama ‘Longing For Spring.’ When acting with female idols, did you feel pressured?
It would be a lie if I said it didn’t bother me. However, when will I be able to act with popular female idols? It’s luck, luck. More than worry about it, I tried to be more considerate and take care of them.

Q. You became an actor through your modeling activities. Do you ever wish to be on the runway again?
No. At that time, I was very happy and through that I started acting, but right now I like acting more. Also, there are people a lot better than me on the runways so I can’t be on it. Now I think about how I can act better and I have to work harder and study.

Q. You are in the same agency as top actors. Looking at your old interview, you said that you were still amazed when you went to broadcasting stations and were surprised to see actors acting. Are you still like that?
I’m still like that. They are really amazing people. Even now when I see my seniors acting, I think ‘How do they act like that?’ and I am envious but I resolve myself to learn more.

Q. Is there a role you want to do?
I don’t think it’s time for me to decide ‘I want to try that.’ I want to work hard at everything. If I talk like this it’s too vague right? Ha ha ha. But it’s true. I will do my best in everything given to me!

Q. While working I feel like you would have made a lot of actor friends.
That is something I regret. I am shy so when I think ‘now we’re a bit close,’ the drama ends.

Q. What do you do in your free time?
School started so I attend classes, practice, meet friends and exercise.

Q. Three months have already passed in 2015. How are your resolutions coming along?
There is something I planned for this year. It’s not a grand plan but it’s living each day happily with no regrets. Instead of, ‘I’ll start tomorrow,’ let’s not push back things we should do.

Q. I’m curious on your thoughts on dating. The weather is getting warmer and the flowers bloom in spring, it’s perfect for dating.
You’re right. Spring really is right around the corner. I want to date.

Q. Your ideal type?
I like a woman who is cute with a lot of aegyo (cute charm). I hope she laughs a lot.

Q. I hope that spring is warm. Here is the last question. How do you think people see actor Lee Won Geun and what superlative would you like?
An actor that works hard. I am working hard now but to continually develop, study, try; I would love to hear ‘Lee Won Geun is an actor that really works hard.’ (photo by bntnews DB)

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Lee Won Geun Pictorial

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