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miss A Is Back With Its Own ‘Colors’

[by Woorim Ahn] Back with new ‘colors’, miss A released its seventh project album 'Colors' to the fans after a hiatus of one year and five months.

On March 30 at midnight, the group faced the mass public with its seventh project album 'Colors' and in the afternoon, it held its showcase at the Olympic K-art Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul.

Its new album ‘Colors’ consists of a total of six songs – ‘One Step’, ‘Love Song’, ‘I Caught Ya’, ‘Melting’, ‘Stuck’ and the title song ‘Only You’. Since the group has shown the sexy concepts, it said that the album is to appeal its cute charms.

The press showcase was kicked off with its new song 'Stuck'. It is a medium tempo ballad with strong beats. Its lyrics were written by the group’s Min and the song became a hot issue since it’s based on her experiences.

Afterwards, the group moved on to ‘I Caught Ya’, which lyrics were by Suzy. The song’s melody highlights the lyrics with electronic guitar sound. The members performed the song with powerful choreography. During the showcase, she got to write lyrics since she loves writing her diary every day. She also mentioned that she was glad to participate in her album as a lyricist.

The title song 'Only You' tells the love that the group pursues is not a typical one. It was composed by Black Eyes Pilseung, who produced SISTAR's 'Touch My Body' and its trap rhythm and typical hip-hop beats are impressive.

After all the performances were done, each member started saying their greetings. Among everyone, Suzy seemed very nervous since it was her first time to face the press after she officially admitted her relationship with Lee Min Ho.

When she talked about her story with him, she carefully told her feelings. She said, “I know everyone might be curious about many things, but since this is for ‘miss A’s’ showcase, please ask many questions about the album. I hope everyone supports my relationship.”

Suzy wrapped the questions about her boyfriend distinctly and answered to the press regarding miss A’s new album. Since all the songs were released prior to the showcase and received the mass public’s much attention and love, the group seemed so excited.

miss A talked about its concept as well. Although the group was persistent on its sexy concept, this album’s concept seemed much sexier than previous albums due to its concept color – pink. However, actually, this album’s concept was revealed as cute.

Since it is on its fifth year as a singing group, the members seemed like they became more active and highly motivated. They chose the concept colors and participated in the album as lyricists. In addition, they chose the title song on their own after they listened to many other songs.

As its agency JYP Entertainment’s main producer Park Jin Young announced his comeback, the mass public was curious what kind of conversations went on between them. About this, Suzy said, “We didn’t talk about it so far, but that’s quite a commitment for us. However, we never considered it as a competition because we are like a family.”

Since it took a year and five months for miss A to make its comeback, the group had lots of things to talk. Min said, “As we’ve searched for ‘good’ songs, it took longer than we thought. Actually, we recorded several songs and producer Park Jin Young gave us his song, but the songs in the new album sounded like the best for us.”

In addition, for its comeback, the members tried their best to keep themselves in good shapes. Jia said, “For a comeback, I barely ate food and worked out hard with a special machine called EMS.”

During the showcase, there was one thing that caught the audience’s eyes – Suzy wearing sneakers unlike other members. Suzy said, “Since my ankle got hurt, I couldn’t wear heels like other members. Actually, I could, but I just saved it for later.”

As miss A went on its fifth year, its goals for this time were more special. Since Suzy has acted in many dramas during the group’s hiatus, her image as an actress was not easy to go off. She got a suggestion appearing in a new drama, but rejected the request since she wanted her new album.

The members are not familiar with getting called as ‘senior’ yet, but as they cherish their work as singers, they became more responsible. Unlike previous albums, they actively participated in producing their new album and prepared for it steadily.

Since the group has no plan for its abroad activities, it will meet its fans in Korea for now. However, it never forgot the fans all around the world and left messages for them. Fei said, “I wish we can get a chance to perform right in front of you soon.” Suzy also said, “It’s bit sad that we can’t see all the fans around the world whenever we want to see. Despite of that, thank you for supporting us all the time.”

Min thanked to the fans and said, “There are several fans saying sorry to us for not visiting the showcase. You don’t have to feel sorry and just wait for us!” Jia, who communicates with the fans through SNS, said, “Once we are done our activities in Korea, we will get to you soon. We will be right in front of you if you wait for a bit.”

Although the showcase went on less than an hour, miss A poured everything out to show what it has prepared for a year and five months. As it wore new ‘colors’, we anticipate what it will produce from now on. (photo by bntnews DB)

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