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A Shortcut To Beautiful Skin, ‘Cleansing’

[by Koo Hyejin] Clean and moist skin, the dream of many women, is not made overnight.

Of course, some are blessed with natural good skin. However, good skin cannot be maintained without constant care. Many female entertainers preserve a clean skin despite frequent make-up. Then, how can they do that?

The secret most of them talk about is cleansing. If you do not remove wastes in your pores by thorough cleansing, your cosmetics would not be absorbed into your skin no matter how effective they may be.

Let’s look at the right cleansing method, which is the shortcut to beautiful skin, and cleansing products recommended by editors.

Standard Practice Of Cleansing

First, wash your hands using soap before cleansing. If you wash your face with unwashed hands, the germs and wastes on your hands will be moved to your face.

Some women roughly handle their skin while washing their face, but this is a wrong habit. You should gently rub your skin as if you are taking care of a baby.

Also, too hot water may make your skin dry and tough. Thus, use lukewarm water to broaden your pores and wash your face, and then rinse your face with cold water. After that, you had better first remove water lightly and then gently tap on your face to let the remaining moisture absorbed, rather than rub your face with a towel.

Cleansers ‘Recommended By Editor’

1. 3 CONCEPT EYES WATER FIT CLEANSING FOAM  Plentiful and moist bubbles thoroughly remove the remaining wastes on your skin, and the coconut seed butter forms a water protecting film to keep your skin moist even after you wash your face. Even a small amount of the product makes abundant bubbles, with its musk scent making you feel better.

2. 3 CONCEPT EYES WASH OFF WATER  Its dermatotropic surfactant derived from plants softly and cleanly removes light to heavy make-up. It does not contain oil, so it is fresh, not sticky.

3. 3 CONCEPT EYES REAL SOFT CLEANSING SHERBET Smoothly massage with it, and you will see your make-up remainders being cleansed and you’ll feel freshness after that. It is a soft sherbet-type cleanser which does not drip and is not sticky.

‘Brush Cleansing’, As Important As Facial Cleansing

Another task, which is as important as facial cleansing, is the cleansing of the brushes you use directly on your face. In fact, brushes are not easy to clean or dry, thus many just skip cleansing them. However, improper storage of brushes may cause troubles on your face. Thus, it is important to always clean them before storing them.

Then, what is the way to easily and quickly wash brushes? First, pour enough brush cleanser in a cup for the brush to sink. Then, sink the brush in the cup and move it as if you are drawing a circle to remove remainders and dust on the brush. Finally, wash it with clean water, fix the shape of the brush, and dry it.

Stylenanda’s 3 CONCEPT EYES BRUSH CLEANSER is a brush cleanser for deep cleansing of make-up remainders, whose mild cleansing substances remove make-up remainders on the brush. (photo by Stylenanda 3 CONCEPT EYES, bntnews DB)

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