‘Who Are You: School 2015’ Revealed The Secret Story Of The Casting

[by You-bin Ha] The casting of the drama attracted lots of people’s attention since many rising stars, Kim Sohyun, Nam Joohyuk and Yuk Sungjae, have been casted to play the roles. The staff of the drama revealed the behind-the-scene story of the casting.

According to them, the synchronization between characters and actors was the most important point. The staff did several auditions and meetings with actors and talked a lot about the characters. After all this effort, they finally completed Sekang High School’s class.

First of all, Kim Sohyun was selected to play Lee Eunbi. She is the youngest person among the actors but keeps the balance of the drama. The staff said that they got confidence when they saw her studying and seriously analyzing  the character. In addition, she is almost the same age with her character so they thought that she can express high school student’s feelings in a better way.

Then they said that Nam Joohyunk was casted since his appearance will make the character stand out and his taciturn personality matched perfectly as well. Nam Joohyuk used to be a swimmer so they thought that he can talk about Han Ian’s story with more realism.

Sekang High School’s trouble maker Gong Taekwang was given to Yuk Sungjae. The staff stated, ‘We all thought that he was the perfect guy for this role’. Yuk Sungjae has actually the same personality than the character since he reacted for the staff’s spiteful questions as if he was Gong Taekwang.

The other actors like Kim Heejung for the role of Cha Songju, Lee Chohee for Lee Shijin and Cho Suhyang for Kang Soyang were all casted in the same way.

The director of ‘Who Are You: School 2015’ said ‘The ‘School’ series are produced to present actors that we should pay attention to the future. I believe that those actors will show their abilities throughout the drama”.

The drama is about the real life of 18-year-old students who will present their real problems and worries.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV ‘Who Are You: School 2015’ will air its first episode on April 27 at 10:00 PM. (photo by School 2015 Culture Industry, FNC Entertainment)

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