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The Unstoppable Natural Phenomena, Nature Republic’s Never Ending Story

[by Lee Sae In] As the beauty industry becomes more and more developed, the most important element needed is ‘brand identity’. A clear brand concept has the strength to move the hearts of consumers.

Although there are many brands that set forth the natural essence of their products, out of numerous amount of cosmetic products that focus on natural ingredients and natural products, Nature Republic directly targets consumers. After its launching in 2009, Nature Republic has been able to set its own records by determining the exact needs of the consumers as well as having their own clear brand story.

It is a brand created and formed by the collaboration of the first generation of individuals to experience brand shop cosmetic products. Nature Republic’s past and present have been created by the ‘Midas Hands’ of the cosmetic industry. We anticipate the further development of the brand.

■ Nature Republic’s Beginning SINCE 2009

Nature Republic was a brand that attracted attention for various reasons even before its launching. This is because Nature Republic’s President Jung Oon Ho was an individual skillful enough to be referred to as the ‘Midas Hands of the cosmetic industry’. His existence only stirred the cosmetic industry.

In 2003, President Jung received attention from the cosmetic industry for becoming the driving force in creating the wave of Korean low to middle cost brand shops by launching TheFaceShop. TheFaceShop was able to write a new legend for the cosmetic industry by reaching 150 billion won in the second year of its creation and becoming the number one brand in the industry.

President Jung was able to step into the cosmetic field in 1992 due to his friend’s father who had been running a cosmetic product franchise business. With his successful performance and high sales he was eventually able to officially take part in the cosmetic product market by establishing a business for worldwide cosmetic products as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Thereon after he was able to successfully sell ‘nose packs’ from Shikmoolwon in 1996 and products from the luxury cosmetic brand COOGI in 1998, becoming the center of attention in the cosmetic product industry.

Around the beginning of the 21st century, President Jung was able to encounter affordable and good quality clothing brands such as GAP during his business trip to New York. Inspired by this, he decided to create a cosmetic brand that also sells products that are of a high quality yet affordable.

At the time, the stores selling numerous different cosmetic products that made up the Korean beauty market all showed various prices for their items. President Jung was sure that if he opened up a brand shop with good quality products that maintained the same price wherever it may be purchased, consumers would show positive responses.

Through this process, TheFaceShop was created in December of 2003 and through the mutual agreement between its board members, Nature Republic was created in 2009.

■ Nature Republic’s Brand Image

1) Beauty Energy Found From The Cleanest Natural Areas Of The World

Nature Republic, which was launched in March of 2009, represents cosmetic products that provide health and joy to the lives of consumers through the natural beauty energy found from the cleanest areas of the world.

Just like what its slogan ‘Journey to Nature’ expresses, the company not only is restricted within the natural ingredients of the region but also centers on ingredients such as Shea butter, Argan and Aloe that have been certified by centuries of human culture and lifestyle to expand their product and brand story.

The company is working to provide good quality products by stepping forth from the normal and broad nature concept and rather encompassing the Pure Quality of Nature through the eco-friendly containers and designs that have touched the hearts of consumers.
Nature Republic’s brand slogan ‘Journey to Nature’ is a concept that holds the meaning that the company will venture out to find places that are not polluted all over the world and share the health and happiness they find there with consumers. The company plans to expand its company’s brand story by basing the ingredients of its products not only on natural components found in a specific region but rather ingredients such as Shea butter, Argan and Aloe that have been certified by centuries of human lifestyle to expand their product and brand story.

Nature Republic’s strategy of starting strictly from its brand concept has allowed it to have individuality and an identity of its own that separates it from many other cosmetic brands that emphasize the natural essence of their products.

2) Brand Image Abroad

Starting from the beginning of 2000 to present day, Nature Republic has added a premium image to the trending Korean wave, causing Korean products to become trustworthy and increasing the sales of its products among middle-class females in their twenties and thirties.

In order to emphasize the Hallyu (Korean wave)’s premium image, the company’s products are of a higher price range in foreign countries compared to the products in Korea and hold a high-priced brand image in the Philippines.

3) Master of Premium Image

Nature Republic prefers to hold a different nature-focused strategy than their rival brands. In order to differentiate from the many other cosmetic brands that emphasize the eco-friendly essence of their products, Nature Republic’s brand shops are decorated and constructed with different interior design items and following concepts that convey a unique natural mood.

The company also displayed the natural ingredients and components that make up their items, such as MD water which becomes the main component for their products, all around their shops so that consumers who visit can naturally see Nature Republic’s brand philosophy.

■ Nature Republic’s Development Within Korea

1) Continued Expanding Of Nature Republic’s Offline Shops

At the current time, Nature Republic ranks around fourth or fifth place in the Korean cosmetic brand shop market. Even with the fact that the brand shop is not currently the highest in ranking, critics have said that the speed at which the offline shops opened was as though a miracle occurred in the red ocean market. Nature Republic opened 212 shops just last year and is planning to open just as many shops in 2015.

2) Decrease In The Days Of Discount

Nature Republic’s growth, which had been hesitant due to aggressive marketing, turned back into the growing trend in 2014. The days during which discounted prices were offered decreased in response to things such as the increase of Chinese tourists and the explosive popularity of the Aloe Soothing Gel in order to increase profitability.

3) Practical Improvement Of Sales

Nature Republic developed from its first establishment in 2009 to become an industry that had a sales rate of 40 billion won in just a year. In the next year the company was able to create 50 billion won in sales and reached a sales rate of 250 billion won in 2014.

4) Nature Republic Sweeping  The Most Beautiful Days Awards Twice In A Row

On the 22nd of January ‘The Most Asia Beauty Awards’ was hosted though beauty program MBC every1 ‘The Most Beautiful Days’ and was hosted by actress So Yi Hyun. As a trusted program that rewards representative K-beauty products that are the center of interest for Asian females, the event was organized by the collaboration of bnt news, which is a professional fashion beauty media company and netease.com, which is one of the four major portal sites in China and a broadcasting industry.

The winning products were chosen strictly and carefully using statistical data from foreign media institutions and surveys as the background context for the determination of the product quality, brand awareness in foreign countries and the sales power of the product. Around 20 professionals including famous Korean makeup artists and beauty editors were present to select the best products for each field.

The awards were divided into the girl idol group sector and the actress sector, Nature Republic’s Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel won the milky skin moisturizing division, and  Argan Essential Curling Essence won the best item for an actress-like Goddess Wave Hairstyle division.

The reason why Nature Republic’s Soothing Gel was chosen as the Must-Have item for girl idol groups is because the product supplies sufficient moisture directly on to the tired skin of the girl group members who suffer from busy schedules.

On the other hand, Nature Republic’s Argan Essential Curling Essence is a deep care essence product that protects damaged and rough hair through the direct supply of moisture and nourishment with its highly enriched Argan oil components and is thus used to protect the hair of actresses who have to style their hair frequently.

5) ‘2014 Best Of Beauty Award’ 4 Awards In A Row

Nature Republic has won 2 crowns in a row for the ‘2014 Best Of Beauty Award’ that was hosted by A magazine and the program ‘Get it beauty’. The Argan Essential Deep Care Shampoo and Botanical Green Tea Pore Primer were chosen as the winners and had the honor to win 4 years in a row.

6) Award For The ‘iF Design Award’ Package Division

In February of 2013, Nature Republic received a gold award for the ‘iF Design Award’ Package division for the package design of its Friends Hand Cream.

 ‘iF Design Award (International Forum Design Award)’ is a German international design contest established in 1953 that gives out design awards for the three big divisions of product, communication and packaging. Along with Germany’s RED DOT and IDEA from the United States of America, it is one of the three major worldwide design awards. Every year, the submissions from many leading businesses, design companies and famous designers worldwide create a heated competition and are judged based on elements such as design, appropriateness of the material and originality or creativity.

Besides the hand cream, 3 products in total, including Forever Lasting and the Pleasure Garden homme line were awarded in the ‘iF Design Award 2013’ for the package division, proving the competitiveness of the brand in that field.

In addition to the awards won at the ‘iF Design Award’, Nature Republic was also able to receive the main award at the design competition ‘IDEA 2013’ hosted by the IDSA of America. The product that was able to receive the honor of the award was the Argan 20˚ line package and the Eco calendar.

Argan 20˚ line package emphasized and portrayed the tree of the Argan fruit, which is the main ingredient of the product, on the outer packaging. When the products are displayed next to each other, a huge Argan tree is created. In order to emphasize the point that the product includes the original extracts of Pure Gold, the fruit on the packaging is wrapped in gold. In addition, the image of the brand was improved in the sense that nature and people were taken into consideration by making the packaging wrap with eco-friendly materials, putting braille on the products for the visually impaired and more.

The Eco Calendar was a calendar created as free gifts in 2013 and was made to be assembled by the consumers themselves. Every month of the year was created with a different tree shape to assemble, providing enjoyment and fun for the consumer. The tree and cactus in the calendar were the same kinds that those used as ingredients for Nature Republic’s products. The calendar itself is made of eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper and printed soybean oil.

Nature Republic’s director Kim Mi Yeon states that “this recent award received in addition to the iF Design Award is the result of  consistent efforts to incorporate the brand values of emphasizing nature” and revealed that they will “continue to work for the health and joy of the consumers by thinking about designs that consider nature and people”.

■ Nature Republic, Taking Possession Of South Korea’s ‘Yolk’ Land

Nature Republic’s site located in Myeong-dong, Seoul has ranked 1st in the nation for 12 years since 2004 for its appraised value of the land. According to the examination of the appraised value of lands nationwide from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport starting from January 1st of 2015, Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, where the Nature Republic Myeong-dong Branch entered, has the highest appraised value of land in the nation standing at 8,000,700 won per 1㎡.

The value has risen of 4.8% from last year’s 7,007,000 won. Nature Republic is also located at 24-2 Chungmuro 1, Jung-gu, Seoul, a site that started as around 4,001,900 won per 1㎡ in 2004 and is known to be increasing in the appraised value of the land every year since then. In addition, the Myung-dong Jungang Branch is recorded to have the highest rental fee with a deposit of 5 billion won and a monthly rental fee of 2 million and 500,000 won.

According to the Commercial District Information System for small businesses, the number of cosmetic retail stores in Myeong-dong in June of 2012 was of 38 but increased to around 130 stores in 2014.

Partly due to this kind of phenomenon, fast food restaurants in the most populous area of Myeong-dong, the UNESCO street, lent their space to Nature Republic. As the commercial supremacy shifted to international tourists, the existing fast food restaurants lost their standing and Nature Republic took its place due to the fact that the company was a brand that foreign tourists preferred and took interest in.

■ Nature Republic’s Phenomenon In Foreign Countries

1) The ‘Original’ Aloe Soothing Gel and The ‘Korean Shopping LIST’ Among Chinese Tourists

Nature Republic’s ‘Soothing And Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel’ set the record of having a maximum of one hundred thousand items sold in China’s biggest online market T Mall, ranking as the number 1 sold item. The sales for that day were around 4.2 million Yuan, a record that is so huge that it is almost impossible to set in one day.

From its launching in July of 2009 until present day, the product is a mega seller with more than 66 million sold in and out of the country. Nature Republic estimates that on average, around 7 million are sold worldwide monthly.

According to the ‘Global Market Report’ created by the KOTRA (Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency), the demand for organic cosmetic products have increased due to the loss of trust for artificially created cosmetic products that are suspected to use GMO, leading to side effects such as allergies and itching. It is believed that due to the fact that Chinese people love natural ingredients and extracts, Nature Republic’s nature-focused concept was appealing.

Such success of Nature Republic also comes from the nature of Chinese people to trust ‘original products’ the most. Nature Republic’s Aloe Soothing Gel is practically the original soothing gel product, therefore allowing the item to appear more appealing and trustworthy,

Additionally, in the list of recommended Korean cosmetic products introduced in the greatest Chinese portal site Baidu, Nature Republic’s Aloe Soothing Gel was also recognized as the second best product for skin calming effects and moisturizing. Nature Republic also had the honor to rank 10th place out of 88 other competitive brands and first place as Korea’s cosmetic brand.

2) Nature Republic Expanding To Areas Worldwide

Nature Republic currently has around 120 individual branches in 14 countries including America, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, the Phillipines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongol and China and is working to expand itself on the worldwide market.

As the hub of Asia, Hong Kong has become the start of the launching into the Chinese market. The first branch opened in Hong Kong on February of 2014, the second branch opened in Tsim Sha Tsui, and the third in Harbour City. An average of 3,000 consumers visit on a daily basis and has consumers waiting on line even before the opening sometimes.

As a popular vacation place and huge shopping mecca, the Waikiki Hyatt Regency Hotel in the O‘ahu Island opened up its first branch in 2012, its second in New Jersey, America, its third in Flushing on April of 2013, its fourth branch in Manhattan, America in October and the fifth and sixth branches in California during the month of November. The Ala Moana branch in America opened during the month of December.

The growth in the United States continued throughout 2014. During September of 2014, the eighth location opened in Santee Alley, Los Angeles and the final ninth location opened in Pearlridge, Hawaii. After undergoing strict FDA rules for the opening of the first Hawaii branch, the high quality products were acknowledged and strengthened the competitiveness in the global market outside of Asia.

Nature Republic started to officially plan for their launching in Japan in April of 2011. With the strategy of ‘glocalization’, the merchandising plan was developed differently than existing brand shop cosmetic product industries. The company was able to finally launch various products that were accustomed to Japanese women after several months of developing the packaging, designs, components and consistency of the products according to their general preferences.

The moisturizing product MACCOLA line was launched consisting of extracts of the fermented rice in makgeolli, a rice wine. In August of 2011, the company hosted a thank you event in the Saitama Prefecture to respond to the positive support that the consumers gave and strengthen the intimacy between the consumers and the company.

■ The Benefits Specific To Nature Republic

1) Eco-Friendly Mild Ingredients

The products that Nature Republic makes consist of naturally fermented ingredients such as Californian Aloe Vera, Moroccan Argan and African Shea Butter, therefore making it safe to use for sensitive skin as well. The significance lies in the fact that the components are found from areas of nature that human hands have not touched. These natural ingredients are used as a strength specific to Nature Republic.

-California Aloe Vera: Inside the surface of an Aloe leaf, there is a regeneration effect that allows wounds to heal on its own. The Californian organic Aloe leaves, which are of the best quality in the world, allow sufficient moisture for the skin as well as quickly calming the skin down from UV rays.

-Morocco Argan: The Argan fruit is a fruit strong enough to withstand and live in Africa. It is also referred to as ‘The Gold of Morocco’. Since early generations, the ingredient was used by women who wished to protect their skin and for those who wished to treat various illnesses.

-The Deep Oceans Of Goseong County, Gangwon: The clean energy and minerals from around 30 different kinds of sea creatures that live deep inside the ocean can provide moisture for the skin and allow hydration care.

-African Shea Butter: The product has allowed sufficient nourishment and hydration for the natives to protect from the hot Sahara Desert of Africa and the rough environment for several hundred years, serving as Africa’s treasure.

-Madagascar Baobab: The moisture provided by the Baobab trees, the Madecassoside component strengthening the skin layers and the Blue Chamomile extracts help calm the skin.

-Boseong-gun Green Tea: The catechin component inside green tea helps balance out dried skin cells and acts as a sterilizer that can decrease the size of the pores and create clear skin.

-Hawaii Hibiscus: The antioxidant component of the Hibiscus allows for a cooling effect, making pore reduction care effective.

-Indonesian Marine Collagen: Marine collagen extracted from the deep, clean areas of Indonesia’s seas. Animal based collagen is not used due to safety issues but rather highly enriched marine collagen from the deep seas of Indonesia are incorporated instead.

■ Nature Republic’s Main Products

1) Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

This soothing gel product incorporates 92% of organic Aloe from California. The product helps calm down reddened and dried skin irritated by UV rays and the environment as well as provide moisture for rough skin. The product also does not incorporate any paraben, mineral oil or artificial coloring so it is safe to use for sensitive skins as well.

The Soothing and Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel was initially launched in July of 2009 as a special product offered for a limited time in the summer season but with its high capacity, outstanding results and affordable price, the gel became known as the ‘Beast Of Gels’ among consumers.

The product became sold out on and offline several times and caused Nature Republic to make the product a regular item to produce normally.

The product can be applied entirely on the face and body with a small amount and be used for various purposes depending on how it is applied, such as mixing the product with oil, as a moisturizing pack, hair care, acne calming pack and even as an after shave cream, maintaining its popularity across all genders.

The product is also chosen to be one of the many items that have to be bought when visiting Korea and is a must-have, especially for Chinese females, who need a product to use for skin protection from environmental pollution. The high popularity has caused many similar products to be launched in the cosmetic industry.

2) The 3 Types Of Super Aqua Max_ Combination, Fresh, Moisture

The Super Aqua Max moisturizing cream, launched in 2011, has been launched once again in 4 years as an upgraded version. The upgraded product has more accentuated oceanic components and has a new container design that provides a cool and clean appeal. The product can be chosen based on the skin type that the consumer has because it is separated into dry, oily and combination skin types.

The Super Aqua Max moisturizing cream incorporates clean seawater from 914m under the sea level of the Kona district of Hawaii and 33 different sea plant energies that add to the moisture of the product. The product contains minerals formed from the melted ice glaciers from Greenland such as Calcium and Magnesium, allowing the unbalanced skin to become healthy and firm.

The 33 different sea plant components extracted from the clean areas of the sea allow the skin to become smooth and create a protective moisture layer, blocking out irritation and helping to create a healthier skin. The high capacity product contains 80ml of moisture cream and is long-lasting, the moisture lasting for around 72 hours.

The Super Aqua Max moisturizing cream was called the national moisture cream even before it had been upgraded and had high sales rates. The product took first place in the blind test for the moisturizing cream division hosted by the fashion magazine Allure and OnStyle’s beauty variety program ‘Get it Beauty’ to choose the ‘2011 Best Of Beauty Award’. The product won over around 30 different famous companies in and out of the country and was acknowledged for its quality.

In addition the product also won first place in the consumer blind test and achieved 7 awards in total making it the number 1 Korean moisturizing cream.

3) Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream

Also referred to as a miracle cream, around 50,000 items of the Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream were sold within 3 weeks of its launching. The product was praised by many Korean celebrities such as Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, Hwang Shin Hae and Miss A’s Min as well as Chinese singers such as By2, grabbing the attentions of consumers.

The product is a premium cream that consists of rare ingredients such as 6 year old Goryeo red ginseng, silk amino acids extracted from gold silkworms and clean royal jelly that help the skin stay hydrated and radiant through its whitening and anti-wrinkle effects. The Goryeo red ginseng extracts allow nourishment for the skin while the silk amino acid components allow the skin to become balanced to maintain the perfect skin condition.

The 6 year old Goryeo red ginseng used in the Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream is a grown Punggi ginseng that had grown into a Goryeo red ginseng through the 6 year of hard work. It provides sufficient nourishment to the face to create a vivacious and healthy looking skin.

The silk amino acids from the gold cocoons found in Boeun County in the North ChungCheong Province have naturally derived proteins and have more amino acids compared to regular cocoons, allowing the layers of the skin to become smooth and firm.
In addition, the addition of 99% pure gold helps with blood circulation, creating a face radiant enough to appear as if it received treatment. Applying it once is enough to let the skin shine from within and the luxurious container design also catches the eye.

4) Argan Essential Deep Care Shampoo

This product is a non-irritant shampoo without silicon that consists of highly-enriched Argan oil components that care for each and every strand of hair. With its organic Argan oil component, the product provides sufficient moisture and nourishment for severely damaged hair, allowing it to become smooth.

The product also consists of Rosehip oil and Evening Primrose oil that helps resolve hair tangling and frizz to create a texture as smooth as silk. Natural surfactants are used in the product in place of things like silicon, Sulfate surfactants and artificial coloring, totaling to 6 elements that are not incorporated in the product making it safe for anybody to use.

5) Snail Solution 70 Cream

Snail mucus helps the skin’s regenerating process while calming irritations and troubles that were due to external environment and stress. Chinese consumers’ interest for snail cosmetic went up with the acknowledgment of Peng Liyuan’s devotion to it.

Nature Republic’s Snail Solution Cream is a premium item that contains filtered snail mucus to reinforce skin’s own energy and regenerating process. The mucin that the product contains helps the production of collagen and elastin to create a firm skin. This cream is also full of nourishing ingredients such as ceramide – a component of skin – and ultra-moisturizing brown alga.  

Nature Republic’s Advertising Story

1) 2013~2015 present: EXO & Girl’s Generation Taeyeon

“California will become busier. Because the best Aloe has to be extracted within 6 hours of its cultivation. As moist as California Organic Aloe originally is” –EXO & Nature Republic CF

The vastness of California and EXO’s radiant charm collaborate to express the freshness of Aloe. With the concept, ‘Best Seller Made By Nature’ the shooting was done with Nature Republic’s private organic Aloe farm located in California serving as the background.
Taking into consideration that the target consumer group is young women in their teens or twenties, EXO, the most popular male idol group, has been chosen to be the model for the company since 2013 until present day. Out of the many members of the group, D.O. is cast as the main model for his clean and pure image.

‘The secret behind the moisture that nature is hiding is ‘high temperature steam’. If you add 100 degrees high temperature steam to the moisturizing Queen, shea butter, moist like steam, Shea butter’s influence deep” –Girl’s Generation Taeyeon & Nature Republic CF

The brand image was accentuated by emphasizing the product image that all the ingredients are extracted from the natural environment while portraying the vast natural world, especially with its focus on green colored fields, to strengthen the brand image. This fit well with Taeyeon’s clean and pure image.

2) 2012~2013 Shin Se Kyung

 “9 year old girl, left as a twenty three year old girl. The immortal flower that protects young skin goes into the skin” –Shin Se Kyung & Nature Republic CF
The essence of a pure girl was emphasized. Actress Shin Se Kyung’s narration and poetic phrases accentuated a mysterious nature-focused concept.

3) 2012 Goo Hara

“You are most pretty when you are moist, I like your nature” –Kara’s Goo Hara & Nature Republic CF

By emphasizing the two keywords moisture and naturalness the image of the Super Aqua Max moisturizing cream was strengthened. With the arrangement of a green colored background with nature setting the scene, the identity of the brand was clearly seen and accentuated.

3) 2010 Singer Rain

 “Come to Nature” –Rain & Nature Republic CF
The narration was kept short and mythical moods were created by the background music. Rain’s healthy and trustworthy image was used in collaboration with the images of nature. This was Nature Republic’s launching CF.

Advertising Story

2011.07 Launching advertisement
2011.08 Polynesia Lagoon Water - Rain
2011.10 TV Ad Collagen Dream 80 - Rain
2011.11 TV Ad White Therapy – Rain
2011.12 Multi Perfection – Goo Hara
2012.03 Super Aqua Max moisturizing cream – Goo Hara
2012.04 MACCOLA Soap TV CF – Jang Geun Suk
2012.05 Super Aqua Max moisturizing cream Sea version – Goo Hara
2012.06 Super Aqua Max White C Luminous Ampoule – Goo Hara
2012.07 Nature Republic Garden Recipe Animation
2012.09 Forever Lasting – Shin Se Kyung
2012.12 Multi Perfection, Steam Cream, Fly to the Moon – Shin Se Kyung
2013.02 Argan 20, Provence Blossom – Shin Se Kyung
2013.03 Super Aqua Max moisturizing cream– Shin Se Kyung
2013.09 Argan 20 Real Ampoule – Taeyeon
2013.09 Magazine Shooting – EXO
2014.01 Steam Cream TV CF – Taeyeon
2014.04 The Nice Fermentation Story From Get it Beauty
2014.04 Get it Beauty Self Snail Solution – Taeyeon

Nature Republic in SNS

Nature Republic’s Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream especially received a lot of love calls from celebrities. Korean stars including actress Hwang Shin Hae, Miss A’s Min and Girl’s Generation’s Hyoyeon all revealed that the secret behind their beauties is in this Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream,

Actress Hwang Shin Hae’s selfie portrayed youthful skin while Miss A’s Min showed a cute and bright selfie. Girl’s Generation’s Hyoyeon expressed herself through a wink in her selfie.

The twin sisters in the girl group from China, BY2, both have also revealed their positive thoughts in their own ways about Nature Republic’s Ginseng Royal Silk Water Cream.

As much as Hallyu (the Korean wave) has become a trend, articles about Korean celebrities with positive views about Nature Republic also spread to powerful media industries in China such as yahoo hongkong, yahoo taiwan, Sohu, Sina, netease, Esquire magazine, Vogue and Elle and quickly spread amongst the Chinese population.

Nature Republic’s Future

Nature Republic’s President Jung Oon Ho has struggled for an award that he had planned starting years ago. Nature Republic is aiming to IPO in 2015. This upcoming August, if Daishin Securities Co., Ltd. is chosen as the supervisor after requesting a prejudging, towards the end of November he wishes to get awards for the stock market.

Nature Republic had been hesitant due to the losses resulting from the aggressive marketing done from 2012~2013 but with a sales rate of 200 billion won in 2014, and a surplus business profit of 30 billion won they were able to get back on track. In 2015, its sales rate was around 400 billion won and the brand is presumed to increase their sales to around 600 billion.

If the performance of 2015 does just as well as last year at around the same speed, the company value for the year’s end is estimated to go over 1 trillion. A financial dealer also predicted “the demands for Korean cosmetic products within China will continue to increase for at least 5 more years. If by the end of this year Nature Republic succeeds in getting more awards, President Jung Oon Ho’s private property and wealth will jump into the trillions section”.

In addition, Nature Republic has been targeting the male audience in response to the sudden popularity and demand for male cosmetic products. Nature Republic has already started to target males through their male cosmetic products and have created three different lines depending age. Nature Republic is planning to slowly expand the male cosmetic product market.

[Nature Republic’s History]

2009.03 The board members of TheFaceShop come together to establish Nature Republic in 2009, Officially establishes a shop by opening the Myeong-dong Branch, Rain signs contract to be exclusive model
2009.06 1st store in Taiwan opens
2009.07 ‘Myeong-dong World Branch’ Opens
2009.10 1st shop in Thailand Opens
2010.01 1st shop in Malaysia opens
2010.03 Chief Director Jung Oon Ho becomes CEO
2010.05 Reaches 100 shops in Korea
2010.09 JYJ sign contract to be exclusive models
2011.03 1st shop in Cambodia opens
2011.04 Official launching in Japan
Jang Geun Suk signs contract to be exclusive model
2011.06 Kara’s Goo Hara, Park Gyuri and Kang Ji Young sign contract to be exclusive models
2011.08 Large Scale Thank You event with Jang Geun Suk in Japan in celebration of sales
2011.10 1st shop in the Phillipines opens
Selected as ‘2011 Good Design (GD)’ at the KIDP (Korea Institute of Design Promotion) hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2011.12 Thank You Event held with Kara in Japan, A surplus is finally recorded 2 years after its establishment
2012.01 Awarded the grand prize in the shopping mall division for ‘Web Award Korea 2012’
2012.04 1st shop in Mongolia opens
2012.06 Shin Se Kyung signs contract to become exclusive model, Press conference for 1 year anniversary of the company’s launching in Japan, Exclusive shop is established in Tokyo
2012.09 1st shop in U.S.A. opens in Hawaii (185 items approved by the FDA)
2012.10 1st shop in Indonesia opens
2012.12 2nd shop in America opens in New Jersey, awarded for package division in Germany’s ‘iF Design Award (International Forum Design Awards) 2013’
2013.01 New catch phrase ‘Beauty Energy derived from clean nature’ released
2013.02 First in the industry to receive a Gold Award in Germany’s ‘iF Design Award 2013’ in the package division
2013.03 1st shop in Vietnam opens
2013.07 470 stores open in Korea, 60 exclusive shops in 12 foreign countries (Japan, America, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, Vietnam and etc.). In Japan, in various style distributers such as variety shops, large super markets and convenience stores, another million and one thousand shops were placed.
2013.08 Taeyeon and EXO sign contract as exclusive models
2013. 10 4th store in America opens in Manhattan
2013.11 5th and 6th store in America opens in California
2013.12 7th store in America opens in Ala Moana
2014.02 1st store in Hong Kong opens in Mong Kok, EXO Hong Kong Fansign event held (2014.03)
2014.08 2nd store in Hong Kong opens in Tsim Sha Tsui
2014.09 8th store in America opens in LA Santee Alley
2014.10 9th store in America opens in Pearlridge
2014.12 3rd store in Hong Kong opens in Harbour City
2015~ China’s offline shop presumed to be open second half of the year


2012.01 ‘Web Award Korea 2012’ Awarded Grand Prize for shopping mall division
2012.12 ‘Germany iF Design Award’ ‘Friends Hand Cream’, ‘Forever Lasting’ line, ‘Pleasure Garden Homme’ line Awarded main prize
2013.07 ‘American Design Contest IDEA2013’ ‘Argan 20˚’ line, ‘Eco Calendar’ Awarded main prize
2013.09 ‘2013 Best Of Beauty Award’ ‘Hawaiian Fresh Clay Pack’, ‘By Flower Triple Volume Tint’ Awarded Editor’s Pick
2014.03 ‘2014 Best Of Beauty Award’ ‘Argan Essential Deep Care Shampoo’, ‘Botanical Green Tea Pore Primer’ Awarded WINNER
2015.01 ‘2015 The Most Asia Beauty Awards’ ‘Soothing And Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel’,‘Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Essence’ Awarded 2 Crowns in a row
2015.01 Soothing Gel awarded Gold Award on Beauty Awards hosted by China’s online market T-Mall

(photo by: Nature Republic official homepage, official facebook, Nature Republic advertisement screen captures, Shin Han Investment America, bntNews DB)

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All rights, including copyright ⓒbntnews.co.kr, in the content of these bnt news site are owned or controlled for these purposes by the bnt news.